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Please sit down in rows.

Bags and coats under desks.
All you need is a pen.
Writing Question 5 answers…
introducing you to
Janus-faced sentences!
‘Cars are noisy, dirty, smelly and downright
dangerous. They should be banned from all
town and city centres, allowing people to
walk and cycle in peace.’

Write a letter to the Minister for Transport

arguing your point of view on this
(24 marks for content and organisation
16 marks for technical accuracy)
[40 marks]
• Form;
• Audience;
• Purpose.
Janus-faced sentences
• <Whilst car exhausts are noisy, they also emit
poisonous gases into the air.>
• <If cars impact upon our sense of smell, they
can also kill us.>
• <As well as the unattractive congestion in our
city centres, further costs are incurred by the
economy through people being late for
The car industry continues to encourage us to
change our cars, despite knowing what cars are
doing to our environment. Such irresponsible
behaviour only adds to the negative impact cars
are having upon the quality of life of those who
live in towns and cities.
<<Whilst the behaviour of car companies is bad
enough, the way people drive their cars is equally
irresponsible.>> Old people, some as old as 50
years of age, cannot park properly. Their inability
to steer accurately threatens pedestrians.
• Know your Form, Audience & Purpose;
• Use a key word from the title in every paragraph;
• Apart from the first paragraph, begin each
subsequent paragraph with a Janus-Faced
• Be very specific with your example/evidence;
• Limit sentences to 20 words maximum;
• Use four sentences per paragraph, maximum;
• Write seven or eight paragraphs in total;
• Save something new for your ending.
Cognitive Apprenticeship
In schooling, the processes of thinking
are often invisible to both the students
and the teacher. We need a model of
teaching that makes expert thinking
(Collins, Newman and Brown, 1989)
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