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My Goals

• To talk about my family

using vocabulary.
• to make positive and
negative statements
and questions using
the simple present and
the verb to be.
Who do you see in the picture? What are the people doing?
How many people are there in your family?
What do you like to do with your family on the weekend?
Complete with
Be. 1. The book _____ on the table.
2. They _______ from Paris.
3. What ______ your phone number?
4. When is the meeting? At five o’clock?
5. What _____ that? That is my cell phone.
6. That _____ Carmen. Her name is Ana.
7.______ they students? No they are teachers.
8.We ______ in London. We are in Paris.

Compare your answers with a classmate.

Compare your answers with a classmate.
Make questions Practice the questions with a classmate.

With Be.
1. Student A: ask question.
Student B: answer the questions
using to be.
2. When you finish, change roles.

Practice with a classmate.

Complete the family tree Grandparents
With the vocabulary words

a. Wife
b. Niece
Daughter Son
c. Nephew
d. Children
e. Husband
f. Baby
Brother Sister Cousin
Match the words
with the pictures

a. Wife Look at the family tree 1. Bo is Joy’s _______.
and complete the sentences
b. Niece 2. Mary is Bob’s _____.
using the vocabulary.
c. Nephew 3. Ron and Ali are Bo’s________.
d. Children 4. Ron is Jill’s _______.
e. Husband 5. Ray is Jeff’s _____.
f. Baby 6. Ali is Kath’s________.

Compare your answers with a classmate.

Match each group to its category.

1 2 3 4

Compare your answers with a classmate.

Look for a family picture
( wallet/ cell phone) and
Show it to a classmate.

1. Student A: show your picture to

A: Who is this?
student B. B: This is Betsy.
Student B: ask student A: Who is this? She is my daughter.
and point at a person in the picture.
Student A: answer the question using
vocabulary and Be.
2. When you finish, change roles.

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