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MVRDV is a group of three architects that is

established by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and

Nathalie de Vries in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
by the year 1991 after they won the first prize in
the Berlin Europan Competition.
• Their relationship has started not by
working together. Winy Maas and Jacob
van Rijs already had teamed up in
school doing competitions together, and
they all worked at different offices as
Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs at OMA,
and Nathalie de Vries for Mecanoo.
They decided to participate in this
European young architects competition,
called Europan. This was the first time
they started working together in which
they have got a prize.
• Nathalie de Vries (Appingedam, 1965) studied
architecture at the TU Delft, receiving her
diploma with honorable mention in 1990.
Nathalie de Vries has lectured throughout the
world. In addition, she is Railroad Architect for
Pro Rail/NS (Aug. 2005/-).
• Jacob van Rijs (Amsterdam, 1964) was
educated at the Free Academy in The Hague
(1983/84) and the Technical University of Delft,
department of Architecture, where he graduated
in 1990 with honorable mention and a
honourable mention of Archiprix.
• Winy Maas (Schijndel, 1959) was educated at
the RHSTL Boskoop (1978/83) as a landscape
architect. In 1984 he started to study at the
Technical University of Delft, department of
Architecture and Urban Planning. Here he
graduated both as an architect and as an
urban planner in 1990 with honourable
• MVRDV produces designs and studies in the
fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape
• It has grown during the past ten years into a
household name in the Netherlands and far
• MVRDV has carved itself to fit in the international
architecture scene.
MVRDV practices a fascination for
radical methodical research: on
density and on public realms.
Through investigation and use of the
complex amounts of data that
accompany contemporary design
processes, spaces are shaped
MVRDV has designed a housing
complex for Liuzhou.

There is something parasitic about

the development as it grows from
the valley

Liuzhou is scheduled to be
completed in 2007.
They were nominated and
awarded several times

• 2005 , 2004 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001 , 2000 ,

1999 , 1998 , 1997 , 1996 , 1993 & 1992
• KM3 :
about a city that is continuously under
construction, with space for limitless populations
and possibilities.
• Reading MVRDV :
This book examines the context of MVRDV's
research-based thinking and radical design
• A+U Special Issue:
MVRDV Files Projects 002-209
• El Croquis # 86+111:
MVRDV Redefining the Tools of Radicalism
• The Region maker :
RheinRuhrCity - The Hidden Metropolis
• Costa Iberica :
Upbeat to the Leisure City
• Metacity Data town :
A city that wants to be explored only as
information. A city that knows no given
topography, no prescribed ideology, no
representation, no context.
in this book the everyday life of the VPRO
building is also narrated as short stories written
by a selection of authors.
• The Netherlands is reputed to have the highest average
population density in the world though it is increasingly
becoming distributed in low density suburban areas
threatening to transform the country into a sort of city
• The architects' bureau MVRDV and students at Delft
University have sought to remedy this situation by
proposing areas of ultra-density inserted into pastoral
• This book sets out to discover the prospects and
limitations, the world of the extreme Floor Area Ratio, or

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