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 International Contemporary Spanish clothing chain
 Established in 1984
 Founder- Isak Andic
 Headquarters- Barcelona
 Mission- “To be present in all the cities of the world”
 Collection Line- Casual, Suits , Sport jeans
 Speed and immediacy -key factors
 Focus their efforts on getting the right product in the store at the right time.
It has a unique product line that appeals to fashion conscious people who are in the
look-out for something new and latest.

 Produces high to medium quality clothing, accessories, bags and shoes

 Womenswear - young , middle aged urban woman , woman.
 Material - environmentally friendly ,organic, recycled thus sustainable.
 Feminine and stylish silhouettes
 The colours used are according to the season
 Summer - bright colours and autumn- dark colours
 Design: Mangos designed by Spanish retailers incorporating various
designs influenced different seasons and trends.

 Packaging: Only the logo of Mango and clear white packaging

 Value: The value of Mangos products is quite high in comparison to

other retail brands.

 Quality: the best fabrics and materials , products manufactured in


 Swimsuits Skirts • Sunglasses

• Ties
 Shorts
• Belts
 Jeans
• Wallets
 Pants
• Bags
 Coats
• Footwear
 Jackets
• Swimwear
 Sweatshirts
• Jeans
 Tops • Pants

 Their stores are based in a variety of locations all over the globe.
 Spreaded its presence to Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Americas.
 Main branch stores positioned away from competitor stores.
 The company entered Indian market in year 2001 via its store in Delhi and has
spread to several outlets including a store in metro city Mumbai.
 Mango has organised the layout of the stores in a reasonable way to attract
customers and present the brands image.
 Mango stores have become the middle point for young and older age consumers
due to the store location.
 It provides both high quality and medium quality products.
 Its prices are a bit higher
 The company has positioned itself as a mid-range brand
 It has adopted mid-premium pricing policy
 Mango products are priced moderate.
 Tops are prices at 1300-4500
 Jeans are prices from 1400 to 2500
 Dresses from 1200 to 6000
 It uses print, electronic, digital and social media platforms.
 Smart and trendy ad campaigns
 Online platforms - Twitter,YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
 Television, fashion magazines
 The 90s were the years of the supermodels and MANGO featured
many of them on the covers of its catalogues
 Brand ambassadors –Kate Moss, Ashley Graham, Miranda Kerr
 Mango is also using events like the Mango Fashion Awards to
settle its fashion sense.
 Mango also uses its blog Keep the Beat to keep in touch with its
customers and grab every opportunities to promote the brand

Kate Moss Miranda Kerr