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In English the three ways to make a syllable more
prominent are to make it :
1. Louder in volume
2. Longer in duration
3. Higher pitcher
 Primary stress
(represented with the high mark (‘))

 Secondary stress
(with a low mark (,))

 Unstressed syllables
( with no mark)
 In one word can only have one stress
 Only vowels are stressed, not consonant
In the most two syllable noun and anjectives, the
first syllable takes on the stress.
Example :
1. Colorful
2. RAIny
In the most two syllable verb and preposition,
usually the second syllable takes on stress.

Example :
1. reLAX
2. reCEIVE
Usually, prefixes do not take a stress on the word.
But, in some word prefixes take a stress on the
word. Like :in, pre, ex and mis, which all stressed
in their prefixes
Suprasegmental, also called Prosody Feature, in
phonetics, a speech feature such as stress, tone, or
word juncture that accompanies or is added over
consonants and vowels. These features are not
limited to single sounds but often extend over
syllables, words, and phrases.

Phonetic Definition Definition
Syllable theories.
 Sonority theory
 Prominence theory (prosodic theory)
 Chest pulse theory
What is the relation of a syllable
to stress?
In those neighboring unstressed
syllables, we reduce the power, soften
the pronunciation, lower pitch, and
shorten the vowel.
Syllable divide into:

 Monosyllable
 Disyllable
 Trisyllable
 polysyllable
In linguistics, intonation is the variation of pitch when
speaking. Intonation and stress are two main elements of
linguistics prosody. Intonation is the “music” of a language, and is
perhaps the most important element of a good accent. Often we
hear someone speaking with a perfect grammar, and perfect
formation of the sounds of English but with a little something
that gives them away as not being a native speaker. Intonation-
the rise and fall of pitch in our voices-plays a crucial role in how
we express meaning.
Not all rises and falls in pitch that occur in the course of
an English phrase can be attributed to stress. The same set of
segments and word stresses can occur with a number of pitch
patterns. Consider the differences between:
 You’re going (statement)
 You’re going? (question)
The rise and fall of pitch throughout is called its
intonation contour.