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Figure of Speech

A figure of speech is a word or phrase

that has a meaning something different
than its literal meaning. It can be
a metaphor or simile that is designed to
further explain a concept. Or, it can be a
different way of pronouncing a word or
phrase such as with alliteration to give
further meaning or a different sound.
Simile is a comparison between two
unlike things using the words "like"
or "as." Examples are:
As slippery as an eel
Like peas in a pod
As blind as a bat
Eats like a pig
As wise as an owl
Metaphor compares two unlike
things or ideas. Examples are:
Heart of stone
Time is money
The world is a stage
She is a night owl
He is an ogre
Personification is giving human
qualities to non-living things or
ideas. Examples are:
The flowers nodded
Snowflakes danced
Thunder grumbled
Fog crept in
The wind howled
Hyperbole uses exaggeration for
emphasis or effect. Examples are:
I’ve told you a hundred times
It cost a billion dollars
I could do this forever
She is older than dirt
Everybody knows that
Onomatopoeia is a word that
sounds like what it is describing.
Examples are:
Alliteration is the repetition of
beginning sounds. Examples are:
Sally sells seashells.
Walter wondered where Winnie was.
Blue baby bonnets
Nick needed notebooks.
Fred fried frogs.
Euphemism is a word or phrase that
replaces a word or phrase to make it
more polite or pleasant. Examples are:
A little thin on top instead of bald
Homeless instead of bum
Letting him go instead of fired him
Passed away instead of died
Put to sleep instead of euthanize
 Ironyis using words where the meaning is
the opposite of their usual meaning.
Examples are:
After begging for a cat and finally getting
one, she found out she was allergic.
A traffic cop gets suspended for not
paying his parking tickets.
The Titanic was said to be unsinkable.
Dramatic irony is knowing the killer is
hiding in a closet in a scary movie.
Naming a Chihuahua Brutus
Oxymoron is two contradictory
terms used together. Examples are:
Peace force
Kosher ham
Jumbo shrimp
Small crowd
Free market
Synecdoche is when a part represents
the whole or the whole is represented
by a part. Examples are:
Wheels - a car
The police - one policeman
Plastic - credit cards
Coke - any cola drink
Army - a soldier
 Understatement is when something is said to
make something appear less important or less
serious. Examples are:
 It's just a scratch - referring to a large dent
 It is sometimes dry and sandy - referring to the
driest desert in the world
 The weather is a little cooler today - referring
to sub-zero temperatures
 I won’t say it was delicious - referring to
terrible food
 The tsunami caused some damage - referring to
a huge tsunami