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The clothes were an expression
of many things for the Aztecs.
His way of life, social class,
gender, his role in society, age
and even religion were reflected
in his clothes.

The plebeyos • Upper class

The ancient Aztecas clothes of ordinary

people and slaves sometimes covered
very little of their bodies. The rule was
to wear clothes made of maguey, and
not cotton. The slaves wore only a
simple loincloth.
Of course, the noble class and the religious leaders
wore much more ornate clothing, although they
also wore the tilmas, loincloths and skirts.
Aztecas men's clothing

• Aztecas women´s clothing

The clothing worn by the Aztec man was simple
and designed for the climate of the Aztec empire.
His underwear at the time were the “Taparrabos”
called Maxtl.

Most of the Aztec women wore skirts, called Cueitl,

which were insured with a band called “Cihua
Necuitlalpiloni”. They wore the “Huipilli” at the top,
which was essentially a sleeveless blouse that was
pulled over the head, and was adorned with various
patterns and designs.