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The room attendant is the heart of the
housekeeping department.

Housekeeping Room Attendant

provide for the comfort of guests in
hotel, motels, resorts, lodges and inns by
ensuring that guest rooms and public areas
are clean and properly presented.
1. Guest Relations
Every employee of a hotel, including
room attendants, is expected to warmly greet
guests, no matter whether they are working in
a five-star hotel or an extended stay property.
2. Guest Safety
The job description of a room attendant
includes ensuring the safety and well being of
the guests. The housekeeping staff is
responsible for checking guest occupancy and
verifying that rooms have been vacated.
3. Cleaning
To ensure they don’t miss anything, the room
attendant should begin cleaning the room at the end
furthest from the door.
4. Bathrooms
Room attendants should always don gloves prior
to cleaning the bathrooms in the hotels.
5. Administrative Duties
Hotel room attendants typically arrive at work on
time for a brief staff meeting with the housekeeping
supervisor when they are updated on ongoing hotel
activities and provided with their room assignments.
Types and Uses of Cleaning
Equipment and Materials

To fully understand and master the craft,

the housekeeping personnel must have a
definite knowledge on his/her fine tools. In
housekeeping, cleaning equipment and
materials are issued to the housekeeping
Hotel Cleaning
Types of Cleaning Equipment
1. Vacuum Cleaner
2. Wet Vacuums
3. Wet Extractions
4. Mops
5. Rotary Floor Machines
6. Containers
7. Brushes
8. Brooms
9. Dusters
10. Polishing Cloths
1. Vacuum Cleaners
is the most common equipment for cleaning
which is handy equipment affixed with nozzles
and attachment.
a. Upright vacuum
b. Floor vacuum

Tips for using vacuum cleaner:

1. The vacuum cleaner should be applied in cross
ways to let the suction to properly agitate the dust
and sand during the cleaning of the carpet.
2. To avoid any loose join from coiling wire,
the wire of power socket should be connect

3. To maintain the efficiency of the suction

and nozzle small sharp objects (such as pins,
or needles) should be removed by hand.

4. The dust bag of vacuum cleaner should be

cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis as
empty bag ensure greater suction.
2. Wet Vacuums

Wet vacuums is used to absorb water from floors

and to rinse the soiled area with the help of suction and
water sprayer.
a. The squeeze attachment of wet vacuum works great
in floor and wet carpet cleaning, striping and
b. Wet vacuums cleaner have collection tank which
store the water to absorb water from the floor.
c. Wet vacuum are available in several shapes and
3. Wet Extractions
Wet extractions include suction and
water injections which are used to wash and
suck water from the surfaces.

a. Lighter Transportable Tank Version

b. Heavy-duty push cart variety.
4. Mops

Mops are easy way to clean dust from floors.

Most of the mops come in thick or loose woven cotton

a. To bring the perfect cleaning the housekeeper dip

the mop in fresh or clean water and squeeze before
wiping the floors and change the water after every
b. The mop should be washed with foamy water or
detergents and dried properly.
c. There are also several dust mops which are
regularly used to remove dust and small particles of
soil from the floor.
5. Rotary Floor Machine
are used for multipurpose (shampoo,
polish, scrub), just by changing one
attachment it can be applicable in both
floors and carpets.
a. The rotary machine has built-in tray for
dissolving detergent and tanks for water
absorption and supply.
b. Rotary machines are available in
different speeds ranging.
6. Containers
There are numerous types of containers
are used by housekeeping department which
are follows:

a. Buckets
b. Dust pans
c. Housemaid box
d. Plastic waste bins
7. Brushes
are made of different materials which come in
variety of sizes and shape.

a. To clean sensitive surfaces, feather brushes are

b. Special nylon toilet brushes are used to clean
WC and bidet bowls.
c. To clean carpets, carpet hand brushes are often
d. Cane chair soft nylon brush for preventing
damages from getting into the cane surfaces.
8. Brooms
The main job of a broom is to take
away the large particles of soil from hard and
tough floors.
a. Soft brooms
b. Hard brooms
c. Push brooms
d. Corn brooms
e. Whisk
9. Dusters

are used in hotel to clean loose dust

and wash various surfaces.
Dusters come in various sizes for
different purposes.
10. Polishing Cloths

The role of polishing cloth is to clean

and burnish the polished surfaces by rubbing