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320C versus PC200-6

320C versus PC200-6

Presentation Contents
• Competitive Business Update
• Specification Comparison
• Productivity Test
• System / Component Quality
• Durability
• Operator Comfort
• Viewing Area
• Safety
• Versatility
• Serviceability
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
Worldwide PC750 PC200 375 320

• Overall Komatsu PINS stable

• PC750 has established itself in the 75-ton class
• Komatsu’s product line has matured - B series maintains edge
• Aggressive pricing has preserved (and grown) PINS in NACD
• Rumors that C Series performance has delayed introduction of
Komatsu’s new HEX line
320C PC200
Horsepower Net HP 138 133
Flow l/min 2x205 2x206
Weight kg 19400 19900
Bucket Force kN 131 127*
Stick Force kN 100 100*
Swing Torque kN.m 60.9 -
Drawbar Pull kN 196 177
* With Power Max.
Swing Torque

• Komatsu does not publish swing

torque data
• Komatsu promotes swing speed
(320C = 11.5rpm; PC200-6 = 11.5rpm)
• Estimate 14% better swing torque than
Lift Capacity

• Stick and bucket limited (boom can

still go up but bucket / stick cylinders
• 320C was able to carry the load further
out for a given height
C ylinder S peed
Sec (B oom and S tick)

S tick in S tick out S tick in S tick out B oom up B oom dow n B oom up B oom dow n
w ith bucket w ith bucket w ith bucket w ith bucket
relief relief relief relief

320C PC200-6E

Stick Stick with Boom Boom with

bucket relief stick relief
in out in out up down up down
Cat 320C 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Komatsu 101 112 129 115 102 96 155 110
Demonstrate the Difference

PC200-6 320C
Demonstrate the Difference

PC200-6 320C
Demonstrate the Difference
Job Study - OPG

320C PC200-6
Stick Length 2.9m 2.9m
Bucket Width 1066mm 1066mm
Bucket Capacity 0.8m3 0.8m3
320C PC200-6
Production (m3/h) 199.00 172.00 • 14% more productive
Cycle Time (sec) 15.10 17.51
Load Time (sec) 6.54 8.59 • 16% faster cycles
Swing Loaded Time (sec) 1.81 2.15 • 17% more fuel efficient
Dump Time (sec) 1.55 1.59
Swing Empty Time (sec) 5.20 5.18
Fuel Consumption (l/h) 23.60 24.60 20
Fuel Efficiency (m3/l) 8.43 6.99
Production 100 86
Cycle Time 100 116 10
Fuel Efficiency 100 83

320C PC200-6

Load Sw. Loaded Dump Sw. Empty

Truck Loading
320C L PC200-6
Production (m3/h) 361.00 308.00
Fill Factor (%) 165 179 • 15% more productive
Cycle Time (sec) 13.16 16.76 • 27% faster cycles
Load Time (sec) 5.27 7.54 • 14% less payload
Swing Loaded Time (sec) 2.96 3.80
• 17% more fuel efficient
Dump Time (sec) 1.89 2.15
Swing Empty Time (sec) 3.04 3.27
Fuel Consumption (l/h) 26.70 27.60 20

Fuel Efficiency (m3/l) 13.52 11.16 15

Production 100 85
Cycle Time 100 127
Fuel Efficiency 100 83 320C PC200-6

Load Sw. Loaded Dump Sw. Empty

• Work Modes
•H/O Heavy duty - Max performance
•G/O General - “Economy mode”
•F/O Finishing - Slows down stick in
•L/O Lifting - higher pressure, slow
•B/O Breaker -preset flow and pressure
• Power up
•Increases pressure by 9% for lifting or
• Swing Acceleration
•ON = Swing Priority
•OFF = Boom Priority
• Diagnostics
•Avance monitor gives engine speed,
pump pressure, fault codes ...
Comparing System Quality
A system is only as good as the quality of its components.
System Quality
Tool Control System

• No firewall between pump and engine

• No markings on pilot hoses or wiring
• No standard location for third function auxiliary
hydraulic pump mount
System Quality

• No case drain filter

• No pilot filtration
• No oil sampling valve or pressure tap
• In-tank hydraulic oil filter - service technician
must open tank to access filter
• Possible contamination when servicing filter
System Quality

• Optional manual air conditioner with heater

• Four rear cab vents and two front vents
System Quality

• Visibility to the right is limited due to bars,

monitor and right-hand console that extends
along the cab
• Cab door handle located in the middle of the
door - difficult for operator to access from
• No recessed sheet metal
System Quality

• Integrated seat and console - levers and seat

move together
• Non-retractable seatbelt
• No front window assist - awkward to open
and potentially dangerous when closing
• Only one horizontal radio mount
System Quality

• Eight second power boost button on left joystick

• No one touch low idle feature
System Quality

• Difficult to access fuel filter located near the

bottom of the engine
• Servicing requires removal of access covers
• Water separator is an attachment
System Quality

• Use of wing-nut causes lengthy removal of

primary filter
• Secondary filter element requires a tool for
System Quality

• Two small enclosed compartments

• No optional power sources
System Quality

• All LED indicator lights, no analog gauges

• Complex display with many icons and buttons
• Cannot display text messages, only icons
• No hydraulic oil temperature or engine dial
• Numerous manual work modes
System Quality

• Swinging out the oil cooler for cleaning requires tools

• Tilts outward from the bottom (not convenient)

• Two-piece design - significant stress occurs at

point where boom foot bushing connects to
boom fabrication
• Narrow boom foot - less area to distribute forces
• Exposed greasing points - easily damaged

• Increased bottom guarding is not an option

• Unprotected swivel area
Viewing Area

• Tall engine hood obstructs operator rear

viewing area
• Lower front windshield stored in front of
rear window - prohibits immediate exit in
case of an emergency
Viewing Area

• Solid roof opening - overhead viewing is

restricted during bad weather

• Engine will start with lever in down

position and both implement and travel
hydraulics engaged - endangering operator
and crew
• Hydraulics are not active with lever in the
vertical position

• Sandpaper anti-skid material is ineffective

when covered by snow, grease, or mud
• Wears smooth over time - making inspections
and servicing dangerous
Serviceability Comparison

Tucson Proving Grounds * Export Model

April, 2000
Battery Compartment

320C PC 200LC-6
• Good ground level access • Access through storage box from track
• Top protected by easily removable • Potential damage to top
• Requires electrolyte level check every
• Maintenance free battery 250 service hours
• Easily accessible disconnect switch – 12 openings = 15 minutes for maintenance
Fuel System

320C PC 200LC-6
•Excellent access for priming pump •Difficult to access because lever is located
•Easy operation for priming pump near the bottom of the engine
•Water separator is standard •Operation requires removal of access
•Water separator is an attachment
•Fuel filter requires maintenance initial 250
service hours
Swing Out Oil Cooler

320C PC 200LC-6
•No tools required to rotate out 60° •Requires tools
to allow complete access to radiator •Tilts outward from the bottom
and oil cooler •Requires maintenance every 500
•Maintenance is done from ground service hours
level when required
Hydraulic System and Filtration

320C PC 200LC-6
•Ground level access •No case drain filter
•Oil sampling valve and pressure •No pilot oil filtration
tap provided •No oil sampling valve or pressure tap
•Spin-on element •Element type filter requiring separate O-
Lubrication Points

320C PC 200LC-6
•Bank of fittings on boom
•Requires daily maintenance for first 100 service hours
•Requires maintenance every 1000 service hours for •Bank of fittings on boom
boom and stick •Requires maintenance every 100 service hours for
•Requires maintenance every 100 service hours for boom and stick
bucket •Requires maintenance every 100 service hours for
Swing Gear Lubrication

320C PC 200LC-6
•Easier access between hoses •Difficult to access because access
•Requires maintenance every 2000 under hoses
service hours •Requires maintenance every 500
service hours
Air Filters

320C PC 200LC-6
•Clamps provide easy cover removal •Wing-nut causes lengthy removal of
•Primary and secondary filters pull out primary filter
•Secondary filter element requires a tool
for removal
Engine Oil Filter

320C PC 200LC-6
•Easy access on top of engine
•Difficult to access
•Filter drain and sampling valve
•Low in engine compartment near
provided on filter base
the turbocharger
•Requires maintenance every 500
•Requires maintenance every 250
service hours
service hours
Sampling Valves and Test Ports

320C PC 200LC-6
•Sampling valves and test ports •No sampling valves or test ports provided
for engine oil, hydraulic oil, or coolant
320C Improved Features

Hand operated Fuel Valves

Pressure Taps and Drains

Improved Sight Gauge

Fuse Access and Organization
Maintenance Interval Comparison
Maintenance Item 320C PC200LC-6
Export 5000 service hours
Hydraulic System Oil Change 2000 service hours
US 2000 service hours
A/C Belt Adjustment 250 service hours 250 service hours
A/C Cab Filter Element When Required 500 service hours
Alternator Belt Tension 250 service hours 1000 service hours
Cooling System Coolant Change 6000 service hours 2000 service hours
Corrosion Resistor Replacement N/A 1000 service hours
Engine Damper Case Oil N/A 1000 service hours
Engine Starter and Alternator Check N/A 1000 service hours
Initial 250 service hours
Engine Valve Lash Check 1000 service hours US 1000 service hours
Export 2000 service hours
Hydraulic Tank Breather N/A 500 service hours
Swing Drive Oil Check 250 service hours 100 service hours
Maintenance Interval Comparison
Maintenance Item 320C PC200LC-6
2000 service hours
Turbocharger Clean and Replace N/A Dealer required
No procedure in OMM
1000 service hours
Turbocharger Parts Tighten N/A Dealer required
No procedure in OMM
1000 service hours
Turbocharger Rotor Play N/A Dealer required
No procedure in OMM
Vibration Damper Inspection N/A 2000 service hours
Water Pump Check N/A 4000 service hours
Requires Replacement of Safety
N/A 4000 service hours
Critical Parts