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Re-envisioning the Universe,
Re-envisioning Ourselves
‡ Living in Parallel Universes
‡ Influenced by the Future
‡ Changing the Past
‡ Retrocausal Logical Requirements
& Experiments
‡ Bicausal Holographic Multiverse
‡ Reality Shifts
‡ Mindfulness
Our Multiverse

In 1895, American
philosopher and
psychologist William
James coined the term
³Multiverse´ to describe
the set of all possible
parallel universes
Many Worlds, Many Possible Selves
In the 1950s, American
physicist Hugh Everett
proposed there are infinite
alternative realities
alongside our own universe,
with his mathematically
elegant Many-Worlds
Interpretation of quantum
Though ridiculed and forced to
change his doctoral thesis,
his theory gained support
over the past 50 years.
Imagine Yourself in Many Worlds

Your life can be

viewed as a
series of choices,
in which you
literally branch
off into an
entirely new you
and new universe
with each choice
you make.
Choosing Between Many Worlds,
Many Possible Futures
È   Ä 
-Norman Vincent Peale
What is Time?

The Human Experience of Time
In a RealityShifters survey
conducted in April 2000
of 395 individuals,
86% of respondents
È Ä 

Events Occur in Spacetime

Ô  consists of three spatial dimensions and one

time dimension, describing four-dimensional space as
gravitational curves, whose points represent events.
Probable Futures & Probable Pasts

Space and time are

interconnected and do
not exist separately
from one another.
Quantum fluctuations in
Ô  invite us to
view history in terms
of imaginary time.
Can Our Actions Influence More than
this Present Moment?

How would it feel to influence

past, present, and future
We tend to assume that of
course, our actions now
influence both present and
future events.

The future
influences the
past, and effects
precede causes
Commonly Assumed
One-Directional Time Bias


$  % % & ' %
Two-Directional Causality

Symmetry in physics
and nature calls for
all dimensions of
space and time to be


È )  
Human Observation of Wave
We see È    waves

moving out away from

the center, not
È  waves
moving in.

Waves play a significant

role in Thermodynamics
and Entropy.
Our Statistically Improbable
Universe« More than One in a Million
When we consider how
only a small number
of possibilities could
have created this
universe, it¶s much
easier to understand
how it can be that we
Oxford mathematician live in a world that
Roger Penrose¶s seems so statistically
calculation is one in ten to unlikely.
the ð  
Most Typical
Human Perspective of Time
Most people consider
the past and future

We feel Ä for the

future, but not for
the past.
Life, Time, & Meaning


Soren Kierkegaard
The View from ³Nowhen´
Bicausality is best
contemplated by
imagining a point outside
time ± an Archimedean
This is a Oneness, spiritual,
shamanic, eternal now
point of view.
What Would it Feel Like
#   +   "
‡ Déjà Vu
‡ Future Memory
‡ Precognition,
Premonitions, & Intuitive
‡ Synchronicities
‡ Exceptional Situational
Déjà Vu: Remembering a
Probable Future
Have you felt a sense that
what is happening has
already occurred«
... as if events were
unfolding just as they had
Future Memory

Future memories can seem

every bit as clear as
memories of the past.
It¶s hard to know when I
am about to purchase
something if I have it
already -- noting ³this
shirt is his favorite´«
yet I am seeing it for the
  it¶s for sale?!
Precognition, Premonitions, &
Intuitive Hunches as
Communications from the Future
á   -
foreknowledge of events
- a feeling
alerting us that something
is about to happen
- can feel
like advice from our
       future selves


The simultaneous
occurrence of events
that appear to be
significantly related,
with no discernible
causal connection
Exceptional Situational Awareness
A feeling of
being aware of
from many
all at the same
What Would it Feel Like to

‡ Our  
change the world
‡ We could explore
possibilities through
Attitudes Could Change the World

We would notice a
difference when feeling
positively about past
experiences with
§  «
« and when feeling
negatively about past
experiences with  
We Could Explore Possibilities through
Dreams & Daydreams

Many alternative realities

can be imagined and
explored as an observer
of one¶s own life, as
unfolding daydreams
and dreams
What¶s Going On?!
‡ Is it dangerous to change
the past? Can we
intentionally or
inadvertently mess things
‡ Is there a scientific
explanation to support
‡ What experiments &
experiences have people
Contradictory Causal Loops

What about
³Paradoxical´ or
contradictory causal
Can we influence the
past in such a way
that undermines us (if
our ancestor dies)?
Bicausal Contradictions Are
Extremely Unlikely
Contradictions would
occur if:
‡ Future is absolutely
predetermined to
occur in only one
‡ Precognition is ³Precogs´ in Minority Report
completely accurate
Retrocausality Logical Requirements
In the 1950s, Oxford philosopher
Michael Dummett clarified the
logical requirements by which
reverse causality could transpire,

Meeting Dummett¶s Requirements
If the state of a photon is
influenced by the next
polarizing filter, the only
way to tell if the
polarization in the future
affected the photon in the
past is to put another
polarizer in the path of the
photon, before it reaches
the polarizer in question.
Time-Symmetric Quantum
Yakir Aharonov¶s 1964 theory,
working with Peter Bergmann
and Joel Lebowitz at Yeshiva
University in New York



Schmidt and Stapp¶s Successful
Retrocausality Experiments
Helmut Schmidt¶s 1976
& Henry Stapp &
Schmidt¶s 1993
experimental subjects
successfully ( 

influenced previously
recorded rates of
radioactive decay.
Jahn and Dunne¶s Successful
Retrocausality Experiments
Princeton Engineering
Anomalies Research
(PEAR) researchers
Robert Jahn and
Brenda Dunne
discovered subjects
influenced coin flips
equally well either
before or after the coin
flip occurred
Leibovici¶s Successful
Retrocausality Experiment
In 2001, Leonard Leibovici published
results from his double-blind study of
more than 3,000 patients that
demonstrated people who had been
prayed for some four to ten years later
experienced considerably shorter
hospital stays and shorter periods of
Handshake Between the Future
& the Past

± — 

There is a 2-way µhandshake¶

between past and future in
John Cramer¶s transactional
interpretation of quantum
Advanced & Retarded Waves
While we predominantly
observe retarded
waves, it is likely that
in every case where
energy is being
transmitted from a
central source, it is
also being received
centrally by that
Theory of Everything

The Theory of
Everything (TOE)
brings the study of the
very small (quantum)
together with the very
large (cosmology).

Two-directional causality easily resolves long-

standing paradoxical problems in physics.
Retrocausality Presents A New Take
on the Observer Effect
Schrödinger¶s cat is
alive @ it is dead,
even when nobody
looks -- it does not
exist in an
³uncollapsed wave
The observer effect then becomes a matter of
one¶s future viewpoint influencing what has
already transpired.
Top Down Cosmology:
Many Futures, Many Pasts


Weak, Persistent Measurements
Catch Retrocausality in the Act
In 2008, physicists Onur
Hosten and Paul Kwiat of
the University of Illinois
detected a shift in a beam
of polarized light moving
between air and glass«
influenced by a  
   with a
difference of a factor of
& (  '
Weak Measurements Catch
Retrocausality in the Act
In 2009, physicist John Howell
of the University of
Rochester reported success in
using weak (less obtrusive)
measurements to show that
light traveling along the
± (   observed gate was amplified
by a factor of more than 100
when influenced by a  
  in the experiment
Cramer¶s Retrocausality Experiment

University of
Washington physicist
John Cramer is
looking for evidence
of signaling between
entangled photons«
± — 
& receiving a photon
50 microseconds
before it is sent
Reality Shifts
Reality Shifts Provide
Opportunities for ³Do-Overs´

È ð   


Forward causality decision trees only
move    through time
Bicausal Holographic Multiverse
Reality shifts when
consciousness moves
from an 
 to the

view from
³Nowhen´ via
holographic encoding
of the multiverse
existing on boundary
in time, where time is
set to infinity, to a
with bicausal order
Experiencing ³Nowhen´

Interesting Spacetime Experiences
‡ Walks Back in Time
‡ Meeting Future Self
‡ Time Slows to a Stop
‡ Friend¶s future visit
‡ Listening to my future self
‡ Time Loops
‡ Spontaneous Remissions
‡ Instantaneous Healings
‡ Dead people Alive Again
Walk Back in Time
Teachers Anne Moberly and
Eleanor Jourdain walked
back to Marie Antoinette¶s
time in summer 1901 in
Versailles, France
Four teenage timewalkers the
night of 10/31/89 in
Moundsville, West
Virginia walked back to
daytime in the 1800s,
picking up dust on their
Meeting My Future Self

One evening in 1978, I

experienced my future
self walk into my
room« talk to me«
and remove some
letters from my desk.
— ./01
Time Slows to a Stop
In summer 1991 in
Lausanne, Switzerland,
I saw my infant
daughter falling
headfirst from my
husband¶s shoulders
toward the hard train
station floor, when time
slowed to a stop,
allowing me to catch
her safely in my arms.
Experiencing Friend¶s Future Visit

In August 1998, I heard a

car pull into our
driveway and my
daughter exclaim,
³Where are you going?´
to our friend who said
something, then drove
My friend said he¶d once
driven here, spoken
aloud & left
Listening to My Future Self

In November 2000, I was running errands when I got a

message from my future self to visit my daughters in
grade school at lunch hour. È )  
she said. She was right.
Time Loops

I¶ve witnessed sequences of

events repeat themselves:
I watched a woman hand out her
business cards«  !
In April 2001 I observed with
another witness a woman enter
the Crowne Plaza Hotel in
Albuquerque (now the Marriott
Pyramid North) and walk
through«  !
Spontaneous Remission
In 1998, my grandmother¶s
liver cancer vanished --
with no surgery or
chemotherapy, just prayers
and love from friends and
family. She¶d been told she
had months to live.
Neva¶s prayers were simply
to have the courage to face
whatever came next;
hundreds of people prayed
for her.
Instantaneous Healings

°)  "

‡ Broken bones healed
‡ Blood blister
‡ Open wound
Dead People Alive Again

Jane Goodall, Larry

Hagman, Bob Hope
and Bob Keeshan
(Captain Kangaroo) all
share the distinction of
having been reported
dead« only to later be
witnessed very much
alive again.
From July 2005 RealityShifters survey
Envision Positive Futures
and Positive Pasts
We can return from
³Nowhen´ with an
improved story;
Our new world view
can contain both
visions of a positive
future  visions
of a positive past


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