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Do your best to arrive Put away your jacket,

on time and be ready backpack, and any other
to learn each day. items you bring from home.

Before class begins

Have a seat, greet the Prepare for a great

classmates seated near you, day of learning!
and begin the activity listed
on the board.

Agenda book

Please bring to class
each day


Book to read

Pencil sharpening
You may sharpen your Mechanical pencils
pencil any time except are also allowed!
for during whole-class
instructions, activities,
or lessons.

Nurse visits, restroom, and

drink breaks

 If you need to use the restroom, get a

drink, or see the nurse, please ask
permission and then record the time
you leave and return on the sheet
posted on the classroom door.

Using your class time

wisely will decrease the Please record your first
amount of work you and last name on all of
need to complete at your assignments.


Completed assignments
Assignments will be
should be turned in to the
graded and returned to
tray on the table in the
you each Friday.
front of the room.

01 02 03
Lining up for recess, I will invite one group Please be respectful The first person in line
lunch, and other at a time to line up
facing the classroom
and represent our
class in a positive
may hold the door for
the rest of the class,
activities door. way. and the last person in
line may turn off the
classroom light.

You may visit with me

about questions or
I want you to have a concerns any time we
great and successful are not in the middle of
year! direct instruction, or I am
not helping other
How and when to
contact me?
I am available for extra
help before or after
You may email me if
school. When possible,
necessary, and I will
please let me know in
respond when I am able.
advance so I can plan
Definisi Malaria
 Definisi penyakit malaria menurut World
Health Organization (WHO) adalah
penyakit yang disebabkan oleh parasit
malaria (plasmodium) bentuk aseksual
yang masuk ke dalam tubuh manusia
yang ditularkan oleh nyamuk malaria
(Anopheles sp.) betina.
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