Sherman’s March & Total War

What is Total War?
• Waging war against all citizens • Destroying crops • Tearing up railroads / communication • Burning entire cities • Strangling the population through destruction • Foraging and stealing to survive

Grant to Sheridan:
“Leave nothing to invite the enemy to return. Destroy whatever cannot be consumed. Let the valley be left so that crows flying over it will have to carry their rations along with them.”

How did the North Wage this War?
• General U.S. Grant wanted to end the war quickly • ordered Sheridan to destroy the Shenandoah valley (Virginia) • ordered Sherman to capture Atlanta and then march all the way to the coast • Burned, Destroyed, Pillaged the south along the way

What were the lasting effects?
• Destroyed the southern economy • Scared and angered southern whites • Citizens suffered the same hardships as soldiers • Created a cycle of poverty in the south still today

• Destruction in Savannah, GA

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