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 Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is

a sovereign member of the European Union,

constituted as a democratic rule of law
 The name of Portugal probably comes from
the old name of Porto, from the Latin
"Portus-Galliae" -port of Gaul, because the
Gallic ships frequented this port-or, more
likely, "Portus-Cale" -that is witnessed at
Chronica of the fifth-century historian
Hidacio-, by an existing berth in a fortified
place called.

Is a state located in Western Europe. Its continental zone is located in the
Iberian Peninsula. The country limits to the south and the west with the North
Atlantic ocean during 1793km of coast and to the east and north with Spain,
along 1214 km.

The euro (EUR or €) is the official currency of the
institutions of the European Union, since 1999 when it
replaced the ECU, and of the states that belong to the
eurozone. It is officially used in the 19 states that make
up the eurozone and in 4 European microstates
(Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City).
It is also used de facto in Montenegro and Kosovo. The
euro coins are designed in such a way that on their
obverse they show a specific design of the issuing state
while on the reverse they show a common design.

In the area above the woman wears a shirt that is then linked to
the rest of the piece. This is placed underneath because just
above it is placed a red fabric that simulates a kind of jacket-shirt
that has no sleeves since the shirt protrudes below. The same is
adorned with flowers that are not very appreciated since on it is
placed a fabric that fulfills a function similar to the handkerchief
but it does it in a loose way. It is adorned with many strands and
fringes that protrude and stand out. In the skirt predominates
the red color to which lines are added among other decorations
like the bottom in black color with flowers that emphasize the
whole suit. On it is placed an apron that has multiple ornaments
related to the flowers. The woman usually wears a cap fallen in
his hair that combines with the rest of the suit.

 The man wears black pants. At the top of the suit he
wears a white shirt and one of them hangs a black
jacket that is nicely decorated. The man also wears a
black hat as an accessory.
Portugal has become a well-diversified, service-based
market economy after joining the European Economic
Community in 1986. Over the past two decades,
successive governments have privatized many state-
owned companies and key sectors of the economy,
including the financial sector and
Telecommunications. The country joined the
European Monetary Union in 1998 and adopted the
euro on January 1, 2002.

220 grams condensed milk .

500 grams of whipped cream.
2 packets off cookies.
Independense of portugal is a one december of one
thousand six hundred and forty.
Thank you