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1. Waste Water Sources and Standards PT. Kinocare

2. Unit for Waste Water Treatment Plant at PT.
Kinocare Era Kosmetindo
3. Piping Unit From Plant goes to WWTP
4. Design and Capacity of Waste Water Treatment Plants
at PT. Kinocare
5. Advantages of Waste Water Treatment Plants
Source of Waste Water

1. Cosmetic production wastewater = 45 m3 / day (BOD = 765

mg / l, COD = 1978 mg / l)
2. Wastewater hair dye production = 5 m3 / day
3. Domestic and canteen wastewater = 25 m3 / day (BOD 200
mg / l, COD = 500 mg / l)

Picture. Cosmetic Production Waste Picture. Domestic waste

Effluent Standards for Cosmetic Waste
Water Production

Picture. Quality Standard Table

Unit for Waste Water Treatment Plant at PT. Kinocare Era Kosmetindo

 2 room fat separator unit

 Equalization unit
 Early settling unit
 Two-level anaerobic tub / bioreactor unit
 Aerobic reactor unit Aerobic biofilter room
 Final settling unit
Aeration room
 Effluent storage tank unit

Picture. 2 room fat separator unit

Piping Unit From Plant goes to WWTP

 All waste water from the office is

channeled to the Collector's Pool located
behind the office.
 From the collecting tub, it is pumped with a
submersible pump to the main sewage
pipeline and then to the WWTP.
 Piping network from the collection tank to
the main piping channel using 1 i inch PVC

Picture. WWTP uses PVC 4 "

Picture. WWTP uses PVC 11/4 "

Capacity and Design of WWTP

• Capacity of WWTP: + 75 M3 / Day

• BOD Average Wastewater: 800 mg / l
• COD Average Wastewater: 2000
• Suspeded Solid concentration: 200 mg / l
• Total Processing Efficiency: 95-97%
• BOD Processed water: 50 mg / l
• COD Processed water: 100 mg / l
• Suspended Solid Water 0 land: 50 mg / l

Picture. Quality Standard Table

Waste Water Treatment Process
WWTP PT. Kinocare Era Kosmetindo has been designed with re-
use of processed water products

Picture. Flow Diagram of Waste Water Treatment Plant at PT. Kinocare

Era Kosmetindo
Picture. Biofilter system
Advantages of the WWTP Process with
Anaerob Aerobic Biofilter

 Easy operation
 The mud produced is small
 Can be used for wastewater treatment with low concentration and high
 Resistant to fluctuations in the amount of wastewater and concentration
 Effect of temperature fluctuations on small processing efficiency

Picture. Biofilter system

Area of ​
Land Required

o The land area needed for the construction

of WWTPs is as follows covering an area
of 100 m2.
o The WWTP building is placed underground
a little protruding above the ground.

Picture. Top view