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Social Media


Group 4: DJ, LaSheena, Sommaly, Vee


Digital Age
This study aims to see what age group
uses the most social media. Survey type
research model is used in the study, and
the social media usage is examined to
determine the purpose the participant
mainly use social media for.
Research Question

How does age group influence the usage of social media?

Research Method

● Quantitative Method - Techniques involving the analysis of data from relatively large
numbers of respondents from which the information can be projected to the wider
○ Survey distributed through social media networks, mobile messaging and via work and personal
○ Online survey
■ Survey Monkey
■ 8 questions
■ Anonymous
■ Snowball effect
■ Less than 5 minutes to complete
■ 100 random response selected

Polonsky, M., & Waller, D. (2015). Designing and managing a research project: A business student's guide / Michael Jay Polonsky, David Scott Waller.
(Third ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE.
Theme: Generation Age Group

○ Age range of 22-30

■ Uses Facebook mostly
○ Age range of 16-21
■ Uses Snapchat, Instagram, & YouTube came in 2nd
○ Majority used their mobile device to access social media
○ Majority used social media to view data and post
■ 35% do not post while 32% post
○ Majority used social media to stay connected and entertainment
○ More than 90% stated they use social media

● The results indicate that over 80% of our respondents use social media to connect
with others or for entertainment. However, our answers may be a little skewed as
we did not specify whether time spent on social media was daily or weekly.

● 66% of our respondents were women and 33% were men. Expanding our pool
would potentially change the survey results.

● Survey vehicle (Survey Monkey) used would only let us retrieve responses from
100 respondents. Anything above that incurred a cost
● Unreliable Data
○ False response through survey
○ Barriers to obtaining and completing survey
■ Language
■ Limited Reach
● Were most likely able to reach those within our age group and in
our contact list
○ Limited timeframe
■ A few weeks to conduct

● Further research is needed

● Increase sample size
● Provide survey in other languages
● Use other research methods in addition to the online survey

● Further research is needed

● From our small sample:
○ Although respondents do not always post on social media, they are using it
○ No matter the age range, they are using social media
○ Social media is not going away
○ May need to be more cautious using social media because everyone is on it
Question #1: How old are you?
Question #2: What is your gender?
Question #3: What social media do you
currently use or have an account with?
(check all that applies)
Question #4: If you don’t use social media.
Question #5: What device(s) do you use to
access your social media accounts (check all
that applies)
Question #6: In a regular day, how often do
you post on social media?
Question #7: How often, on average, do you
spend being on social media?
Question #8: Please select all responses that
apply to you. “I use social media accounts