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Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Niraj Vora


Dr Niraj Vora
Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Mr. Harshad Parbhoo, left
Total Hip Replacement
It's been about 5 months since you operated on my hip. I
have settled in well regarding my normal routine and more
importantly I am also playing golf! I have no aches or pains
and following your protocols carefully.
As you(Dr. Niraj Vora) know I was in tremendous distress for 8
months prior to meeting you, and your demeanor and honesty
gave my wife and I the confidence to go ahead with the
It's a wonder that we found you on Google and my neighbor in
Mumbai equally had positive sentiments, as the saying goes
"the Lord works in wonderous ways".
I also want to thank you for the double knee replacement on
my 75 year old Mother in law. I am glad to report that she too is
slowly on the path to a more pleasant lifestyle….[Read More]

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Mr. Gulab Gandhi (Age 78),
left Hip Replacement
I am 78 years of age and was suffering from
severe knee, back and hip pain since 2001. I am
also a patient of Hypertension and Parkinson’s
disease and have had Cerebral Strokes in 2004
and 2009. I consulted Dr Niraj Vora for
my Severe Knee and Back Pain as I was unable
to walk in August 2015.

Dr Niraj Vora diagnosed that my left hip needed

replacement as this was causing pain in my knee
and back. Dr Niraj Vora replaced my Hip Joint in
September 2015 and since then I have been free
from any pain in either knee or back or hip.[Read

God Bless Dr Niraj Vora!

Gulab Gandhi

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Ms. Ritu
"I consider Dr. Vora as somebody who literally gave me a second
life! With close 21 years of walking disability (with one leg shorter
than the other by close to 4 inches) I had almost forgotten to walk
like normal people. More than the walking disability, in my present
30s I had started developing other problems like back aches,
muscular pains and many more.

Consultation with Dr. Vora and his advice to go for a Hip

Replacement was God send! I had consulted many other doctors
prior to visiting him but he was the only surgeon who managed to
instill confidence in me and convince me that this is the right
path.[Read More]

Ms. Ritu
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