Cable Laying

Survey Being Conducted before laying a

nstallation Testing - Drum Testing using

Requirement Transportation Of equipment from store to site

Precautio ns

OFC Laying

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Precautions Types Of Laying

cable pulling.exe

Precaution s

Precaution s

Installing a fiber in a prelaid duct

Types Of laying
Direct Burial System Shielded Cable Unshielded Cable PVC Pipe (HDPE) - Lay in - Direct

Shielded Cable

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Grounding must be done at node No need of Duct

nshielded Cable

Laying a fiber below 1meter

Laying a fiber with depth beyond 1 meter

Laying a cable Indoor

• • • • • • Kinck in the duct Puncture in the duct Loose Coupler/Coupling No Coupler Bad quality of duct Eaten by rodents

Different Types of Ducts
Smooth Wall Duct

ugated duct with less friction

Trenchi ng
Manual Trench -less Trenching Manual Bookie

Manual Trenching Mechanical Trenching


rench -less Trenching
Tool for trench - less trenching

Manual Bookie

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