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SD Goal 13 –

Melting glaciers

By Katie 7THA
Global Warming issue
-What is Global Warming?
• Global Warming is when the Earth’s surface temperature increase.
It has been happening over the past one or two centuries.
-Why is it happening?
• Human activities include polluting smokes from factories, vehicles,
smoking, etc… has changed the world temperature. Human creates
more greenhouse gases than needed and some animal’s environment
is starting to disappear.

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About Melting Glaciers
• Glaciers are large sheets of
snow and ice. Because of
climate change, ice cover is
changing. The ice was
shrinking so quickly for the
species that lived in these
places to adapt.

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Which body part of UN responsible for this issue?
• The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is the body of UN
that takes care for global warming/environment, but the
one who responsible for melting glaciers is the WMO
(World Meteorological Organization).

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What do the UN do about melting glaciers?

The WMO collect observations/records

on changes in mass, volume, area and
length of glaciers, as well as
mathematical information on the
distribution of ice surface in space.

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Some improvements and efforts:

Building walls on the seafloor could

prevent glaciers from melting.
Barriers of sand and rock
positioned at the base of glaciers
would stop ice sheets sliding and
prevent warm water from eroding
the ice from beneath.

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There are also some failures…

Trift Glacier, Switzerland, has retreated by 1.17 km (0.7 miles) between 2006 and 2015
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Can we do anything to improve the issue?
1. A simple way is to start avoiding smoking or
anything related to smokes. Smokes creates
greenhouse gases and that makes the climate 2. Use solar
warmer and melts the ice. energy, it’s
natural energy
and not causing
3. Reduce water waste! Saving water decreases pollute. Solar
carbon pollution. You can simply use a shower energy is
instead of bath then you can save some water! immortal, and it
won’t cost you a
lot of money too!
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