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Strategic Evaluation and

Presented by
San Khungur Basumatary
GM 27

 Introduction
 Its importance
 Process of strategic evaluation
 Techniques
 Selection
 Selection process
 Conclusion

 Strategic evaluation and selection is a process to determine the effectiveness

of given strategy in achieving the organizational objectives and selecting the
appropriate alternatives if current strategy fails .
its importance

 Check the validity of of strategic choice

 Matching with the intended strategy
 Successful implementation of the strategic management
 Need for reward ,feedback and appraisal
Process of Strategic Evaluation

 Fixing benchmark of performance

 Measurement of performance
 Analyzing variance
 Taking corrective action

 SWOT analysis
 Gap analysis
 PEST analysis
 Benchmarking
After strategy evaluation selection of the alternative strategies are done if the current strategy could
not able to reach the organizational goals .
The appropriate alternative has to fulfill the certain criteria like-

 Is the strategy consistent with?

-strategic analysis results: do the findings from the environmental assessment support the strategy?
-strategic objectives: will the strategy enable the strategic objectives to be achieved?
 Are the right people available to support the strategy? Is the organisational culture and managerial
skill sufficient for the strategy to work?
 Are there sufficient resources (like capital, facilities, managerial expertise and so on) to make the
strategy work?

Selection would be done on two factors

 The objective factors

Based on analytical techniques and hard facts or data .
 The subjective factor
Based on one’s personal judgement , collective or descriptive

Unless and until strategic evaluation is performed seriously and appropriate

selection of alternatives is done when necessary , it would not be possible to
find out whether the organization is actually going through the right path with
the strategies that are being implemented or achieving the objectives would be
really a dream .

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