Coach Daniels Presents

The 33 Odd Stack Defense
Joseph Daniels Defensive Coordinator Natomas High School

Why run the 33 Odd Stack
‡ Allows us to get BEST 11 athletes on the field ‡ Flexibility; rush OR drop 8 players ‡ Easy to teach, techniques are ALWAYS the same ‡ Creates doubt in the offense due to pre-snap movement ‡ The defense promotes aggressive play ‡ There is no need for a Nickel or Dime package, again your best 11 are already on the field ‡ The defense easily morphs into a 4 or 5 man front.

33 Base Alignments 4 3x3 yards 4 0 5 yards 3x3 yards 7 yards 7 yards 12 yards .

Base 33 Run Gaps and Pass Drops .

33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Nose Guard Run: Play side A gap in direction Pass: Rush either A gap Keys: Primary: Center/Ball Movement Secondary: Both Guards Techniques: Punch center. inside lockout. keep shoulders square. find guards for POA .

33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Nose Guard Continued Key Blocks: ‡ Drive Block: Knock center back. keep center of LB¶s ‡ Center away. G down: release from C and control guards outside shoulder . make a pile ‡ Hook/Reach: control center¶s outside shoulder ‡ Zone: play like hook stay parallel. stay low. square . locate ball ‡ Dbl Team: Attack guard.

Rip backside forearm. anticipate TE/near back block . square up.33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Defensive Ends Run: Play C gap Pass: Contain QB if Razer/Lazer in coverage Keys: Primary: Tackle Secondary: TE/Near Back Technique: step near foot.

look for trap and trap the trapper. avoid OG¶s block Plug C and bounce play outside ‡Tackle/End DBL Team: attack TE. DE unblocked: stop flatten. if POA is away chase .look for cut back ‡OT/OG zone to: rip through OT head.33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Defensive Ends Continued Key Blocks ‡Drive Block: Rip through tackles head. turn OT shoulders. control C gap ‡OT/OG zone away: penetrate. flatten across his face ‡Tackle blocks down. keep OT from LB¶s. flatten .

contain run if .33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Razor and Lazer Run To: Fly up and secure D gap Run Away: Check TE. Pulling Lineman Techniques: Read TE block. then pursue the Ball Pass: Depends on coverage Keys: Primary: Tight End or Ball Movement Secondary: Near back.

keep shoulders parallel. squeeze play inside. spill play outside ‡TE down/Back Hooks: Sweep.Key Blocks: 33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Razor and Lazer Continued ‡TE blocks down or Near Back kicks out: Off-Tackle play. If TE blocks. then pursue play . fill the TE¶s block. maintain outside leverage and expect runner to bounce outside ‡TE Blocks Player/Sweep: Beat TE¶s block and blow up play in the backfield ‡TE releases/Flow away: check TE for throwback . maintain outside leverage. if TE releases cover him or drop in coverage. force runner inside or outside DEEP ‡TE blocks you or releases/near back kicks out RLB or LLB: Off tackle Play.

take on blockers outside shoulder with outside leg back. Attack block as close to LOS as possible.33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Mike Linebacker Run: fly to LOS and plug B gap Pass: Depends upon the coverage Keys: Primary: Backfield flow Secondary: Pulling guards Techniques: keep shoulders parallel to LOS. Pursue runs from an inside out position .

bounce play out side Flowside G pulls opposite flow: reverse direction and plug opposite B gap Flowside T blocks LB: control T¶s shoulder and fill outside of the block Flowside G blocks down/Near back blocks LB: attack backs outside shoulder with inside forearm rip as close to LOS as possible.33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Mike Linebacker Continued Key Blocks Flowside G blocks LB: attack G¶s outside shoulder a close to LOS as possible. keep outside leverage. spill play outside Passing play: depends on coverage . maintain outside leverage.

33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Rob and Lou LB¶s Run: Plug the B or C gap depending on OT¶s block and direction of DE¶s slant Pass: Depends on coverage Keys Primary: Tackle Secondary: Backfield flow/Pulling Guards Technique: Keep shoulders parallel to the line and attack blocks close to LOS. Pursue runs from an inside out position . Attack blockers outside shoulder.

33 Base Responsibilities and Keys Rob and Lou LB¶s Continued Key Blocks DE slants outside /OT blocks DE: Fill B gap. Keep outside leverage DE slants outside/OT blocks Player: If flow is away.maintain outside leverage TE blocks Player: attack TE with outside forearm. attack the guard or near back close to LOS. rip through the tackles block. Attack OT at LOS. maintain inside leverage and protect C gap . take on near back or pulling OL with inside forearm . bounce play outside DE slants inside/ OT blocks Mike: fill to DE tail TE/OT DBL team DE: fill close to DBL team. look for cutback. maintain leverage. if towards player. avoid OT¶s block and fill C gap off of DE¶s tail DE slants outside/OT gets Mike: fill B gap DE slants inside/OT blocks player: Fill C gap.

Pass Coverages .Cover 1 Free .

Cover 2 We will rush one of the LB¶s unless there is a max call. then we will drop 8 .

Cover 2 Man .

Cover 3 .

Cover 4 .

Stunts and Blitzes Up Eagle Bear Switch .

Stunts and Blitzes .

Stunts and Blitzes .

33 vs Wing-T Wing- .