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SWOT are: Strengt Weakness OpportunitieThreat.
h, es, s,
SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT matrix) is an
acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,
and threats and is a structured planning method that
evaluates those four elements of an organization,
project or business venture. A SWOT analysis can be
carried out for a company, product, place, industry, or
person. It involves specifying the objective of the
business venture or project and identifying the
internal and external factors that are favorable and
unfavorable to achieve that objective. In this
presentation we will applied SWOT to Samsung
Determine the internal
strengths and weaknesses of
specific businesses and explain
their interrelationship with
external macro factors.

The Samsung company.
SamSung Company
 The strengths of SamSung indicate this organization offers enough capability to keep up a
position where it is one of the best product technology include smart phone, TV, Laptop,
Air Conditioner, Washing Machine,… in the world
Of Samsung
SAMSUNG is the world most successful
electronics manufacturer

1 • Marketer of mobile phone with 21,4 % of the

world largest market of 2015
• Samsung has strong manufacturing and
marketing capabilities
• Samsung has long-standing relationships
with retailer in the united States and
Europe that provide a steady sales
channel for its product.
• Samsung has impressive research and
design capabilities
Of Samsung
About Product
Phone: Strong battery life, tough screen, camera,
and free to download anything
Television: Expanding demand for smart device
which are convenient to serve people, more options
to choice not only watching TV channel,…

Androidis BETTER thanApple

Weaknes Of Samsung

ses • Samsung has not been able to match apple Inc.’s marketing capabilities for
smartphones. Its share of the U.S smartphone market fell by 2.3% between
2014 and 2015. In contrast, apple’s share price grew by 34.9%

• AndThere are a problem to Samsung:

-Too many smartphone models (2015)

39 new 25 new 27 new 2 new

models models models models
Having too many smartphones model lowers economies of scales and
increases costs
•Growing India’s smartphone market
•Increased demand for tablet and smartphone-
based solutions such as Samsung Pay
•New technologies such as wearable tech
•Growing middle class in developing world will
increase market for consumer electronics.
•Growing online market from sales channels such
•Growing mobile advertising
Here the advertising
of Samsung
Just lay back, and enjoy!!!!!(you been
Light out………….
Samsung more and more advancing, developing more products,
which spread out in many categories and attracting more customers.
As we can see now from above, Samsung had suited the needs of
many customers which is not limited only to smartphone, increased
demands for tablet and smartphone, growing in many more fields.
But too many products make the Samsung’s customer has a real hard
time choosing what they want and it complicated the needs and
demands of the customers.
NOW is the SWOT conclusion:
Through evaluation we made , we can see that Samsung has the
opportunities to expand in many categories, such as :
• Medical
• Science
• Health caring
Example: For medical case, the doctor can check the conditions of the
patients more easily through technology without going there directly.
For Science, we can measure the height and altitude of the atmosphere
without have to check it directly on plane.
For Health Caring case, if a child or a baby is harms , the technology can
help us identify the threat and we can quickly get home.
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