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Advertisment is glitter

and little is truth

Group Member:-

• Akshay Sinha
• Komal Kansagara
• Mrugani Bhatt
• Parth Reshamiya
• “Product without advertisement is no product
at all.”
What is advertisment?
• Advertisment is nothing but promotion of the
product with glitter(but bit truth) to have the
attention of people.
• Advertisements convey their message in a
diplomatic way or we can say that it is a
diplomatic way of telling lie.
• Its upto us whether to fall for the
advertisment or not by using our intelligence.
Pic of add and customer magnify
Komal content
Advertisment of the product is simple but
advertisment with glitter of the product is definetly
• Why?
• Let me give an example imagine i am holding
two pens. About first pen “it is blue in colour,
it is used to write”.About second pen “it is
blue in colour, it is used to writ, it is cheaper in
rate,have a guarrente”
• Obviously we all will prefer second one as its is
represented in an effective manner as
compared to first one.
• To fill gliter in advertisment ,advertisers use
some form of appeal(some human emotion)
• Like fear, humor,rational,etc.
• Today, it is unimaginable to expect people,
especially in urban areas, to spend their
money buying products of which they haven’t
heard a thing. People know what is in the
market and then choose what they want.
Nothing can be more satisfying than this, for
then one gets his or her money’s worth
• Any paid form