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Secretariat, Indirect Taxes Committee CA. Madhukar N. Hiregange
Chairman, Indirect Taxes Committee

About the Indirect Taxes Committee
 Assisting and advising for modest, equitable & certain Indirect Tax laws

 Making representations to Central and State Governments and /or its committees/ groups.

 To enhance the awareness/ knowledge of Indirect Taxes and identifying potential

opportunities through programmes, seminars, certificate course, webcasts etc.

 To conduct research/ studies in Indirect Taxes

 To conduct training programmes for official of Central and State Governments

Action Plan 2016-19
 To submit Technical Inputs/representation to Government
 Submission of Pre & Post Budget Memorandum
 Research & Publications
 E-learning Modules: New E-learning on GST
 Connecting with members through IDT NET
 Involvement of Members in Research Initiatives of the Committee
 Training Programme for Officials of CBEC/ State VAT Departments etc.
 Forming study groups for undertaking research and knowledge sharing

Indirect Taxes Publications / Research
 BGM on Model GST Law (8,000 Copies Printed, 25,000+ Downloads in soft copies) and
Suggestions on Model GST Law submitted to the Govt.

 Central Excise Law & Procedures – Jewellery Industry (English & Hindi)

 Compliances of Service Tax in Banking Sector (Revised 2016)

 All old publications being revised with/ till Finance Act 2016

 Other new Publications in making:

 Sector specific publications on GST for Traders , Manufacturers and Service Provider etc.
 Technical Guide on implication of GST on E-commerce transactions
 Handbook on Professional Opportunities for members in Indirect Taxes practice
 History of Sales Tax/ VAT/ CST & Services Tax
Web Portal-
 Regular Indirect Tax updates to Registered Members

 Platform for providing suggestions on Indirect Taxes (GST, pre-budget, post-budget etc.)

 E-Library of all the Committee Publications – freely downloadable, online ordering

 Details of Certificate Courses, Programmes, Seminar, Conferences etc.

 E-learning Modules on Excise, Service Tax, Customs & CST

 Live-Webcasts organised – recordings available for viewing

 Connect with Indirect Taxes Committee as authors, faculties etc.

 Knowledge Sharing, Announcements, Important Activities, Important web-links etc.

Study Groups
 Study Groups to support Indirect Taxes Committee:

 to make appropriate representations to Government through Committee

 to identify the regional issues in the area of Indirect Taxes

 to enhance the awareness/ knowledge of members in Indirect Taxes through

programmes, seminars, certificate courses etc.

 to assist committee in updating/ reviewing and revising existing publications and

bringing out new publications

 to conduct research when assigned

Study Groups Contd.
 Pan India details of Study Groups is as follows:

Number of Number of
Region Place Region Place
Members Members
CIRC Indore 9 SIRC Bengaluru 24
Jaipur 18 Chennai 15
Kanpur 9 Hyderabad 10
Patna 8 Kerala 10
EIRC Bhubaneshwar 7 Telangana 9
Guwahati 7 WIRC Ahmedabad 20
Kolkata 7 Mumbai 21
NIRC Delhi 4 Pune 8
Surat 8
What's Next
GST Programme / Seminar

 Course on GST / Passing of the Law- Certificate Course on GST

 Course on Customs & FTP
 Course on Litigation Management & Representation Skills
 Live webcast on GST

GST Research initiative :

 Analytical Articles on GST –Topic wise would be hosted on the website of the Committee
 Issue based study e.g Unjust enrichment, Seamless credit, Valuation, E-commerce etc.
 Sector specific Publications as mentioned

Faculty Identification Programme & Train the Trainer programme (to increase faculty base) :

 One already completed, Next is scheduled in the September / October 2016

 IDT Update, E-learning on Indirect Taxes, Connect with the Committee through study group, website
, research etc.
Indirect Taxes Committee
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
A-29 Sector 62, Noida (U.P.)
Phone: 0120 3045954