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Arquitectura de Sistemas

Arquitectura Empresarial
Planificando la estrategia operacional
Etapa de Análisis
Modelo de las 5 fuerzas de Porter
Estrategias para mitigar las fuerzas
Proceso para crear
Balance Score Card
Mission: Our hospital brings health and healing to the community.

Vision: Our hospital will be the best place to work and get health care.

Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives

• Overall patient • Overall rating of care • 75% good or better rating • Management staff
Stakeholders: How satisfaction • % Family physicians that • 90% leadership initiative
should we appear • Patient perception of receive discharge • Develop charter for
to our quality index summaries • As per survey, >50% community group
• Employee and physician
engagement • Meet 8 of 10
• Community consultation

Internal Processes: • Processes are patient • % Medication • 95% • Revamp infection-

centered, focused on reconciliation on reporting process
At which internal
quality and patient safety admission • <5% • Converge report form
processes should • Rate of inpatient falls • 98% completed review group
we excel to better • Surgical safety compliance • 95% compliant
serve our patients? checklist
• % Compliance with hand • 5 per month
hygiene policy
Learning: How • # Publicly reported
infection measures
should we better
develop our • Enhance and maintain a • Vacancy rate • 3% • Hire new HR lead
healthy work environment • % Performance • 80% by end of quarter
systems to serve development plans
our patients? completed • 4/5
• # Grievances received and
resolved prior to • 100% completion rate
Financial: To arbitration
• Leader learning
sustain our mission
financially, what
• Demonstrate • % Alternative level of care • <15%
should our focus
accountability and patients • 80%
be? efficiency • % Nursing purchased
service worked hours • <7%
• Absenteeism rate
Pilares estratégicos


Pilar: “lograr un crecimiento
Visualizando el valor
Arquitectura de procesos de negocio
Arquitectura Empresarial
¿dónde estamos?
Ejemplo de priorización conjunta para
determinar que da más valor