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Learning and Sharing November

• Interaction with the writer
• A meaningful activity

• We read as we speak – textbook uses a language which is not

commonly used in day to day life
• Oral Language - acquire and use language simultaneously while in
writing we want kids to wait and learn all aspects of formal writing
before writing
• Adults do not get irritated with child’s language on the contrary
we like them but same cannot be said about their writing work
• We cannot expect children to learn something and expect to use
it in remote future – high dropout
• Kids will generate hypothesis or pattern about written language if
they are given enough opportunity to be in a print rich environment

• Scribing (one students case) and pretend reading

• Vocab building – how many word have we learnt by finding out
the meaning from dictionary - subtle
• Not necessary to understand every bit of a written piece –
that is how we kill reading likeability
• Children can read without full knowledge of varnmala – they
can read हाथी but when थ is written separately they cannot speak
what is written, another ex – chocolates, kurkure
• Kids recite the poems I have pasted on the classroom walls,
hardly I hear them recite poem from their books on their own
• Kids also like interesting reading material – interesting as per
them – madam madam chutti do, here I am having difficulty to figure
out which book will interests them
• Autonomous image of children, language should not be
artificial and kids should think like kids
• It’s the day the school burnt down – ready to hear what kids
have to say without judging 3

• What is wrong with hijje karke padhna or too much focus on

what exactly is written rather than how does it fits in the entire
• A feeling of uncomfort while trying out something new
• We should not have fixed notions about kids – unknowingly it
• Huge difference between the book of 2016-2017 and 2017-
• Samidha ko bahar ja kar khelna pasand hai – remembrance of
what was taught yesterday and confidence boost up as they could
read it – it is just not possible that kids are not at all paying attention
to how that sentence is written – it is a language they use in daily life
– interesting as it has playing and name of girl suggested by them


• Role of picture in books – pictures engage the reader in the

current context otherwise the focus is on the ending of the story
• Story of Ashok - He was counted in the category of children
who dropped our because of the “Family’s economic situation”.
Ashok was declared a child laborer.

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