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The Business Pitch

2 The
1 Value 4
Problem & 3
Proposition & Our
why you want The Market
Logo Solution
to solve it

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Business Roadmap & Marketing
The Team
Model Traction and Sales

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Financials Competitors Use of Funds
The Business Pitch

Business or marketing statement that

you use to summarize why a
1 consumer should buy a product or
use a service.
Value Proposition Convinces a potential consumer that
and Logo your particular product or service will
add more value or better solve a
problem than other similar offerings
Business Model
Sample Value Propositions

Uber – The Smartest Way to Get Around

Apple iPhone – The Experience IS the Product
Parts of the Value Proposition

Spotify: “Music for Everyone”

• Product: Online streaming music.
• Target market: Families and single people alike.
• Primary benefit: Music on the go.
• What makes it unique? Moms, dads, kids, singles…
there’s music to suit everyone’s tastes, all in one app.
Spotify: “Music for everyone”
The Business Pitch

• What is the problem?

2 • Why do you want to
solve it?
The Problem
• WORTH solving
Sample Problem Statements
• “Transferring photos from mobile
phones is a difficult and complex
• “There are no good Chinese
restaurants in Los Baños, Laguna.”
• “Analyzing results from MRI tests is
difficult, time-consuming, and
The Business Pitch

• Who has the problem you are

solving? How many potential
3 customers?
The Market • Market segments? What &
how much do they spend on
the problem?
The Market

1) Segment 1 Market Segments

2) Segment 2
3) Segment 3
4) Segment 4
Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4
The Business Pitch

• Describe in as few
words as possible
• Focus on THE
Our Solution
The Business Pitch

Company's plan for how it will

generate revenues and make
a profit. (products or services to
Business Model manufacture and market, and
how it plans to do so, including
what expenses it will incur)
Business Model
The Business Pitch

• Upcoming goals and

when you plan to achieve
Roadmap &Traction
• What have you already
accomplished (notable
Roadmap & Traction

DATE A significant goal your company has achieved.

DATE A significant goal your company has achieved.
DATE A significant goal your company has achieved.
DATE A significant goal your company has not achieved.
The Business Pitch

Finding and winning customers

• How are you planning on getting
customers’ attention and what will your
7 sales process look like?
Marketing and Sales • Outline your marketing and sales plan.
• Detail the key tactics that you intend to use
to get your product in front of prospective
• How is your marketing and sales process
different from your competitors?
The Business Pitch

• Why you and your business

partners are the right team to
8 execute your vision?
The Team • Why your team’s skill set is
precisely what is needed to
lead your company to success?
The Team


Firstname Firstname Firstname
Lastname Lastname Lastname
The Business Pitch

• Advantages your solution offers

over the competition. Are you
faster, cheaper, or better?
9 Competitors • Why would a potential customer
choose your solution over
someone else’s?
• Describe your key differentiators
The Business Pitch

• Show sales, total customers, total

expenses, and profits  CHARTS
• Be prepared to discuss your
10 Financials assumptions to arrive at your
sales goals and what your key
expense drivers are.
• Try and be realistic.

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Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
The Business Pitch

• How do you plan to use

the funds/resources you
11 • How it is going to help
Use of Funds you achieve the goals you
are setting out for your
Making a Business Pitch

Exercise 3 Due: September 25, 12mn

• Revise your pitch using • Prepare your pitch
the slide template • Practice
provided • Present on September 27
Technology Pitching
Selling your Science