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Defining Ning

brings people together.


Learning Through Analogies: Business Model

“Demand's size allows it to get better terms on ads served up from the likes of Google, Yahoo and Vibrant…The idea is to share the wealth to get more people posting content.” – Forbes Magazine “Rosenblatt said…the money raised would go toward acquiring Web companies, especially those that publish or distribute user-produced content or serve "passionate verticals" -- topics of interest as diverse as paintball and environmentally friendly cars.” – LA Times

Fees for Service = Customers Finding Real Value
The ability to charge for the Ning service, and Add-On services, is a huge validation. • Proves customers are getting real value. • Set’s the stage for more value added services down the road. • Diversifies Ning’s Revenue base away from advertising
• Although “Run Ads on Own Network” arrangement contradicts this a bit.


When Ning Grows Up…
Ning Reminds Me of… • Handles important problem for customers. • Recurring Revenue Stream so doesn’t need to exhaust itself on customer acquisition every quarter. • Living, breathing, and thriving ecosystem. • Technology architected so no marginal cost per new customer. • Open technology sets the stage for more services. • Doubters are everywhere.


New Business Proposal


Defining Ning

brings services together


Small Business Services Have Never Been Better – But SMB’s Need a Better Service Management Tool
Opportunity: Small businesses lack a unified solution for managing the services they use and the information feeds they rely upon. Small Business Owner


Centralize Service Management Through Ning’s SMB Portal Solution
Solution: Ning can capitalize on SMB services exposing their API’s by collecting and formatting data feeds into Ning Service Widgets


Mashup View of Ning’s SMB Portal

SMB’s Employee Social Network


Market Expectations for SMB Portal
How Big is the SMB Portal Business? Market Size Proxies:
• has 29k paying customers and approximately 646k active subscriptions generating $450M in 07’ Revenues • QuickBooks, a service targeted primarily at small businesses, is a $600M business for Intuit, still growing at about 10% a year.

1) 2)

SalesForce 07’ 10k: Intuit 10K:

Portal Strategy Competitors
MSFT’s SharePoint & BEA Portal solutions are targeted towards the Enterprise market. Ning presents an Innovators Dilemma situation.
Learning Point: Document Management is a big component in Enterprise Portals, and Ning would have to build/partner for this capability.


Social Networking in the Workplace


Learning Through Analogies: Corporate Co-Opting Technology
Instant Messenger Brought Speed and NonIntrusive Communications to the workplace. • Initially banned in the workplace because monitoring was not possible. • Acquired foothold in Financial Industry because speed of remote communications was so important. • Gradually spread throughout the corporate ecosystem. • Today, 2nd & 3rd generation services are threatening phone service incumbents and are deeply ingrained in the workplace.


Social Networking in a Corporate Context
Bringing visibility to the corporate social network: • Makes influence portable
• Example: Junior employee’s relationship with a high-ranking boss is visible – better chance they get the resources needed. Marketing Asia Pacific Unit

• Reduces reliance on “hallway networking” and puts greater emphasis on ideas and remote office/group participation. • Creates a more pleasant work environment because employees can “get to know” each other.

Corporate HQ



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