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Since always, iPear products have been
designed thinking not only about how we live,
but also how we work. Today these products
help employees to work more simply and
productively, solve problems creatively and
collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Apple tries to offer the best personal computing experience

to students, educators, creative professionals and
consumers around the world through its innovative
hardware, software and Internet solutions. In addition to
promoting healthy lifestyles as well as continue training to
constantly renew the company.

As a vision; be considered by its clients and strategic allies as a

viable option that offers solutions and services based mainly on
innovation, advanced technology, service and quality that
exceeds their expectations, as well as the creativity they pose
when creating new products, distinguishing themselves from the
competition, so that its added value is unique.
iPear design has a more elegant and compact design.

The positive side is that the iPear has resistance to water.

Noteworthy is the inclusion of Google Assisant in iPear.

iPear maintains the idea of the dual camera.

1TB of RAM. What it guarantees is that they perform well in the

execution of heavy tasks such as games with good graphics.
The best audio in your calls.

Mare black screen with more real colors.

Does not need the use of cable (wireless).

Long duration battery.

 a phone in the shape of a pear.
 when you buy it, the box includes: the
phone, a charger and free wireless phones
 colors: blue, red, black, white, silver and
 every generation iPear has two sizes the
regular and the X.