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By Hitesh Himanshu
School of Inspired Leadership
Key Trends in Telecom Sector
• Fall of Data Realisation per MB (Jio Effect)
• Data Traffic consumption increasing
• Data Revenues are falling

• Fiber Deployment Acceleration

• Data consumption moving up

• Increase in LTE and VoLTE Handsets

• GST Related Tax Impact

• Output tax to increase
• Input tax credits to compensate the increase

• Dominance of Mobile Advertising

Source – PwC Report on 5 Key Trends of Indian Telecom Industry

State of Telcos

• Consolidation Phase

• Profitability a key concern in near future

• CAPEX in Fiber network (only 20% fiberisation in Indian towns)

• Handling the Price wars by Jio which aggressively plans to

capture market share
Advice to MC of Indus

Operational Efficiency

- Reduce Diesel & Energy Consumption

- Efficient & environmental friendly Solutions


- Reducing Technician Visits

- Data Analytics to plan visits of Field Staff

Advice to MC of Indus

Site Acquisition

- List potential sites with extremely high OPEX

- Conduct mobile drives in Area’s with such multiple sites to

highlight Innovative towers that can be used as alternative and
invite landlords to partner with

- Aid in Horticultural Development, local civic development

- Do cost benefit analysis with payback period of newer investment

& propose newer location to Telcos with savings.
Advice to MC of Indus


- Vision Alignment - should trickle down from MC to field support

staff with 0 slack.

- Training to all managers on identifying needs of juniors based on

skill and knowledge assessment

- Mentoring of Mid Level Management to Junior Level and Senior

Level Management to Mid Level

- Inculcate entrepreneurship activities (not just compliance levels)

Advice to MC of Indus

Plan Ahead

- Map tele density of area’s Indus is present in with its portfolio of


- Find insights on areas with high teledensity and low no of towers

and vice versa by formulating some norms

- Keep Check on Rural Teledensities and form a database of

potential landlords to fuel expansion of Telcos
Design Thinking

Source – Mckinsey Digital Labs

Design Thinking

Design Thinking Workshops at regular intervals for all Circles to

Having the Right Culture foster engagement and innovation in the smallest quantums of

Involve all stakeholders in development of towers. Be it Civil and

New Solutions Construction Engineers to the support staff that visits everyday
for its maintenance

Have appreciative enquiry with various stakeholders and what they

Stakeholder Analysis are doing good and whats not good as per their.
This will be useful in divergent and non linear solutions when
integrated together
Thank You