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 Refers to the preferred way of individual to process

They describe a person’s typical mode of thinking,
remembering or problem solving.
 Individuals tend to gravitate toward one or two
types of sensory input and maintain a dominance in
one of the following types:
 Tend to learn better when a variety of visual aids
are used.
Visual-Iconic – refers to those who are more
interested in visual imagery such us film,
graphic display, and pictures.

Visual-Symbolic – refers to those who feel

comfortable with abstract symbolism such as
mathematical formula or the written word.
 Received information best by listening.
Listeners – they remember things said to
them and make the information their own.

Talkers – they are one who prefer to talk and

discuss. (auditory-verbal processors)
 They tend to prefer learning by doing/experiencing
Characteristics of tactile learners:
Good at sports
Can’t sit still for long
Not great at spelling
Does not have great handwritting
Like science laboratory
Characteristics of tactile learners:
Studies with loud music on
Like adventure books and movies
Likes role playing
Involved in martial arts and dance
Fidgety during lectures
Analytic – they tend toward the linear, step –
by-step process of learning. (tree seers)

Global – they lean towards non-linear thought

and tend to see the whole pattern rather than
particle elements. (forest seers)