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Foot File
Start with the coarse side of the foot file.
Gently slide it back and forth across the ball
of your foot and the bottom of toes. Still
with the rough side of the file work mostly
on the outside rim of the heel. Flip the file
over and repeat the process with each foot.
The fine side will smoothen the skin and
leave it feeling polished.
Callous Remover
Insert the blade into the callous remover with
care. Lay the callous remover on the top thick
part of the callous. Do not lay the blade above the
area that is going to be cut, as this may result in
cutting the soft part of the foot, resulting into
open wound. Applying light pressure with a steady
hand on the callous remover, gently glide it over
the callous. Repeat the process if necessary until
the callous is thinner. Smoothen the callous with a
foot file.
Pumice stone
After soaking the feet in warm
soapy water, use the pumice stone
to gently buff away cracked or dry
skin of the feet with a soft circular
motion. Never apply heavy
pressure to the pumice for this can
cause sores, open wounds, and
possible infection.
Hand And Foot Spa Machine

Make sure that the electrical

wirings are dry and protected
from accidental water spillage.
Set the machine temperature
that the client can withstand.

are garments designed to protect

the wearer’s body from injury or
chemicals or for job-related
occupational safety and health
is a hand covering
Smock Gown

is a loose cloak or robe

worn to protect the
is a protective face covering
for hygienic purposes and to
protect the face against
chemical exposure.
is a band of absorbent
material worn on or around
the head across the forehead
to keep the sweat and the
hair off the face.
Advantages of wearing PPE
at work:
 Prevents damage to workers’ nails and skin.
 To prevent skin from absorbing potentially harmful
chemicals which may cause skin allergies, irritation, or
other related problems.
 So as not to generate a lot of dust, it may be necessary
to wear a dust mask to minimize breathing in particles
while filing or buffing nails.
 Protects the wearer's face and prevents the breathing
of air contaminated with chemical and/or biological
Answer each question briefly.
1. Why should filing be done from the corners to the
center of the nails?
2. Why is gentle pressure applied in using orangewood
3. What effect does buffing on the nails?
4. Why should a cuticle nipper be used with utmost
5. What would likely to happen if heavy pressure was
applied when using a pumice stone?