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exhibition about country

 Teacher: Omar Herrera

 Student: Llanca Ccopa Abel.

 English Basic-4_Tecsup.
Peru, multicultural country
Péru’s Flag

Peru, which is almost 500,000square miles, has a

population of 29.5 million people.

Peru is broken up into 25 regions plus Lima.

Spanish is the main language in Peru.


Capital: LimaThe Population ofLima is more than8 million

.Lima Cathedral

Lima is located in the valleys of theChillon, Rimoc, and

Lurin rivers, inthe central part of the country, on adesert
coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The geography of Peru

The geography of Peru is divided up intothree basic regions: the

Amazon Basin, thecoastal region, and the Andean
mountainranges.Each region has its own unique climate andsupports a
unique flora and fauna unlikeany of the other areas.

Peru is on the Pacific coast of SouthAmerica entirely south of the

equator.Amazon Basin lies in the east of Peru andmakes up about 60%
of Peru’s territoryThe region has many rivers including theAmazon River
and is covered with tropicalrainforest.
The west of Peru along the Pacific coast isin the rain
shadow of the Andes andfeatures deserts, beautiful
beaches andfertile valleys.The Andes Mountains reach
over 20,000feet above sea level. Rain varies widelyfrom 8
to 60 inches per year in themountains and the seasons are
divided intoa dry winter and wet summer.Nevado
Huascarán is the highest peak inPeru at 22,205 feet above
sea level.