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Lesson 1

Use of Nail Care

Equipment, Tools,
Cosmetics, and
are supplies that are used
during a manicure and
need to be replaced for
each client.
It is used to cover the clients’
cushion before each manicure. It
is also used to dry a client’s
hands after soaking in the
Cotton is a soft white
downy fiber for dubbing or
cleaning the nails and
removing nail polish.
Garbage bins/bags are plastic
disposable bags or trash
receptacles used to contain
rubbish to keep the place clean.
First Aid Kit
A collection of supplies for
use in giving first aid.
Is an outer protective garment
that covers primarily the front
of the body to protect clothes
from dirt or stains.
Cling wrap
Is a thin plastic firm
used for sealing the
paraffin during a hand
Manicure pillow
Is a hand cushion that
helps a client to keep
her hands steady and
Emery board
It is used for filing soft and fragile nails. It is a
wooden, sand paper-like stick with a fine
texture on one side and a coarse texture on
the other side.
Nail cosmetics – these are the
things used to improve the
appearance of the nails like nail
polish, nail polish remover,
cuticle remover, nail bleach and
Antibacterial soap
It is mixed with warm water and used in
the fingerbowl. An antibacterial agent
used to sanitize the client’s hands.
Nail Polish Remover ( acetone)
An organic solvent used to
dissolve and remove old nail
Cuticle remover
It is a liquid used to soften nail
cuticles and prepare them to be
Cuticle oil
It keeps the cuticle soft and helps to
prevent hangnails. It gives added
touch to the finish of manicure.
Solvent is a substance used to thin
out the nail polish when it has
Nail bleach
It is used to remove yellow
Nail whitener
Nail whiteners are applied under
the free edge of the nail to make
the nail appear white.
Hand cream or hand lotion
It helps the skin retain its moisture,
so hands are not dry, cracked, and
Assorted colored Nail Polish
These are lacquers applied on
fingernails and toenails to decorate
and/or protect the nail plate..
Base Coat
A primer application that serves to prepare
nail surface for enamel application. It also
gives a good quality grip to enamel,
smoothen out minor surface nail
irregularities. It prevents the enamel from
•Nail strengthener/Hardener
•It is applied to the natural nail before
the base coat to prevent splitting and
peeling of the nail.( Optional)
Top coat or sealer
It is a colorless polish applied over
colored polish to prevent enamel
chipping and promotes longer
wearing of nail polish.
Liquid nail dry(Quick dry)
It is used to prevent smudging of the
nail polish. It promotes rapid drying and
prevents the polish from getting dull.
Alcohol -is an organic
compound used as
List down 8
materials and 8
nail cosmetics.
1.Define equipment in nail
care service?
2.List down 5 equipment used
in nail care service.

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