Global business Environment
A presentation on the Entry strategy of Street-hawk in the Indian market


Group Members: 
Swapnil sinha ±  Sayan datta ±  Nikhil sharma ±  Pankaj kumar ± 222 156 204 206 

Tirthodaya chaudhury ± 223


Pulse of the youth ± ³Street-hawk´
Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Key people Products Revenue Net income Employees Subsidiaries Website Private Motorcycle manufacturer 1998 Bruno phillip Adriano phillip Marcello phillip Bologna, Italy Giampiero Paoli (CHAIRMAN) Gabriele Del Torchio (CEO) Motorcycles ¼403.2 million ¼32.3 million 1,172 Street-hawk Corse (Moto GP and SBK Superbike racing) Street-hawk.com


This vision was driven by street-hawk¶s commitment to customer, quality and excellence, and while doing so, maintaining the highest standards of ethics and societal responsibilities. Street-hawk believes that the fastest way to turn that dream into a reality is by remaining focused on that vision.


Street-hawk¶s mission is to strive for synergy between technology, systems and human resources, to produce products and services that meet the quality, performance and price aspirations of its customers. At the same time maintain the highest standards of ethics and social responsibilities.


About the product : Street-hawk Monster 300
Name: Type: Top Speed: Weight: Ground Clearance: Fuel Tank: Wheelbase: Wheel Type: Colours: ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement: Engine: Maximum Power: Maximum Torque: Gears: 298cc Four-stroke 38.5 Bhp @ 11000 rpm 22 Nm @ 8200 rpm 6 Manual Street-hawk Monster 300 Sports 176kph 172.00 kg 135.00 mm 17.00 ltrs 1400.00 mm Black Mag Alloys Lime Green, Ebony Black




‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

R&D technology innovation Strong brand image worldwide Recent successful launches Strong player in sports bike segment High quality & stylish products Effective management Strategic Alliances Small scale production Low economies of scale Narrow Target Customers Limited reach Fast growing segment Reduction in international trade barriers Untapped female market Competitors not much visible High priced product Threat from competitors Shift in customer¶s needs and wants





Industry Analysis:
Threat of new entrants Low ‡ ‡ High level requirements on capital and technology Some of the leading competitors are already present in the market

Bargaining power of suppliers



Street-hawk being a well known co. and having a lot of options of suppliers makes the bargaining power of suppliers low

Bargaining power of buyers



No. of players in the sports segment is very few &there are Less no. of options for buyers

Threat of substitutes



There is no other substitute available for bikes Major players in the industry are large corporation.

Industry Rivalry




Market Entry Strategy
Determinants of International Market Entry Strategies:  Political / Legal  Environmental  Social  Technological

PEST Analysis
Political / Legal Environmental regulation & protection Taxation International trade regulation Consumer protection Employment law Government attitude Economic Economic growth Monetary policy Government spending Policy towards unemployment Taxation Exchange rate Inflation Social Income distribution Demographic Lifestyle changes Attitude towards work and leisure Education Fashion and fads Health and welfare Living conditions


Technological Government spending on research New discoveries and development Speed of technology transfer Energy use and cost Impact of changes in IT Internet


Political Factors 
Allows automatic approval for foreign equity investment up to 100%  Indian government auto policy aimed at promoting an integrated, phased, and conductive growth of the automobile industry  Assist development of vehicles propelled by alternative energy source  Tax deduction up to 150% for in house r & d activity


Economic Factors 
Economy growing at 8- 9 %  Disposable income is rising  Government has granted concessions , such as

reduced for export financing


Social Factors 
Growth in urbanization  Social upliftment  Upward migration of household income levels  Preference of fuel efficient bikes with low running


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