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What is Organic Farming?

• Organic farming is
the production of
crops and livestock
without the use of
synthetic chemicals
and in-organic
What is Organic Farming?
• Organikong pagsasaka ay
produksyon ng
paghahayupan, at
pangisdaan na di
ginagamitan ng anumang
Ano ang conventional/ modernong
• Modernong pagsasaka na gumagamit ng kemikal na
pestisidyo, lasong pandamo, daga at pamatay kuhol
na komokontamina sa naaaning produkto na kinakain
• Ang mga pagkaing naaani sa modernong pagsasaka
ay delikado sa ating katawan dahil ito ay naglalaman
ng lason mula sa inorganikong pataba.
What is conventional/ modern agriculture?

• Modern agriculture uses pesticides, herbicides,

fungicides, rodenticides and harmful chemicals to
produce the food we eat.
• The food produced from conventional agriculture is
harmful to human health because they contain
residues of chemicals and in-organic fertilizers.
• Organic farming is healthy for the farmers who
produces our foods and to the environment because
Organic farming avoids poisonous chemicals and for
consumers, who eat the organic food.
• Organikong pagsasaka ay ginhawang pamamaraan
para sa magsasaka, mga konsyumer, at
protektadong kalikasan dahil nga sa walang halong
lasong kemikal ang pamamaraan ng produksiyong
Organic Farming creates “Living Soil”

• Full of life with

microorganism, fungi,
worms and termites.

• Very rich in macro and

micro elements, trace
elements, and vital energy

• Very rich in organic matter

Modern Chemical Farming creates “Dead Soil”

• Acidic soils with few microorganisms

• Lacking in micro elements, trace elements, poor


• Almost O organic matter

What are the harmful effects of chemical
fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides,
rodenticides, suicide?
• Modern agriculture or Chemical farming has damaged
our environment by contaminating our rivers, lakes,
drinking water and clouds forming rain. These
poisonous chemicals has killed not only insects but
also fish, birds, useful small animals, microorganisms
and some plants. These agricultural chemicals is
killing humans too.
• Without microorganisms, the soil, will be lacking in
other micronutrients needed by the body such as
calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, cooper, selinium,
manganese, vit. C, vit. A, vit. B6, Folecin, vit. E,
potassium, etc.

• There are 23 elements needed for human health that

come from the soil.
• Plants convert the 23 elements, along with carbon,
hydrogen, and oxygen into food nutrients – amino
acids, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins,
minerals, enzymes, and fiber.

• A deficiency or absence of even one element

produces deficient food, which can result in health
problems in the body.
• Organic Agriculture do not use pesticides. Because of
this, the food produced are now called “Power Charged”
foods. Organic foods contain more phyto-chemicals that
are called “Medicinal Foods.”

• Scientists from the Department of Food Science and

Technology of the University of California-Davis
discovered that fruits and vegetables grown organically
can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other
diseases. (Journal of Food Chem. 57(5), 2003).
• With the discovery of the health benefits derived
from rich soil coming from organic farming, the
nature doctor, or now called naturopathic doctors,
are able to supply proper nutrition to sick persons
and are able to heal their diseases, by giving
organically grown foods.
• The organic food produced from organic crops was
richer in protein than meat, carried all the needed
amino acids, a full and liberal supply of vitamins A, C,
K, the B complex, some E, F, G and P.

• The trace minerals iron, copper, zinc, calcium,

phosphorus, cobalt, the factors Inositol, folic aid,
Choline – all essential for good health.
Today, Oncologists from the Harvard Medical
School recommend to cancer patients to:

• Change lifestyle

• Become vegetarians or avoid

red meat

• Eat lots of organic food

• Avoid eating at FAST FOOD

• Because the foods we eat today is lack of nutritional
content, children and adults, no matter how they eat
are “starved” and tend to eat more than necessary,
resulting into: obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular and
heart diseases, and chronic and degenerative
diseases including Parkinson’s.
The best way to Health is by eating only
Organic Food.

• You can avoid disease by eating only Organic food.

Sa organiko kalusugan ay sigurado

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