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Is Telemarketing more effective than canvassing?
In an average 4 hour telephone blitz you can reach 60 to 80 companies. In an average 4 hour canvassing blitz you can reach 15 to 20 companies. The best use of the phone is to reach more contacts. The best use of canvassing is to find new companies and to get an idea of ones you already knew about.

IT·S CALLED ...Why Telemarket? Let s do the math .

10 appointments = 3 solid prospects. 3 Solid prospects = 1 SALE! . 30 suspects = 10 new appointments. 100 contacts = 30 new suspects.The Law of THIRDS 300 phone calls = 100 contacts.

So how much $ do you want? $3. 30 appointments require 300 phone calls 300 phone calls requires 14 calls per day .000 in commissions requires approximately $30.000 in revenue. 10 prospects requires 30 appointments. EVERY DAY! .000 in revenue requires 3 sales. 3 sales requires 10 prospects. $30..

5% more will give up after the 4 attempt.Don t give up! 80% of all sales are made after the 5th sales call. 48% of the sales people give up after the first attempt. 25% more give up after the second attempt. 12% more will give up after the 3 attempt. ONLY 10% OF ALL SALES PEOPLE WILL COMPETE FOR THE BUSINESS! .

T. S et reachable goals M anage your time A void interruptions R ecord your activity T rack your progress The hardest thing about telemarketing is overcoming call reluctance.Work S. If you schedule your telemarketing time like a valuable appointment it becomes much easier.R. .M.A.

The Gatekeeper .You can t tell the players without a scorecard. The influencer . The Decision Maker .

Give the purpose for your call. Speak 1/3 slower than normal speech. . Choose your words.Tips to Telemarketing Be prepared and brief. Don t be defensive. Never give them an easy out . Use reference selling. Set short term goals. Give as little information as possible. Smile.

Tell her what you want .State your company .Who you are .State your name .if what you want is important enough to give you what YOU want.Who you represent . ] Give them what they want: .Ask to be put through .The GATEKEEPER (Otherwise known as the receptionist) Their job is to find out: .

my name is (___________) I m with (__________). Could you tell me who that is please? (get full name and spelling) IS HE/SHE IN? WILL YOU PUT ME THROUGH? .Gatekeeper Script Hello. The purpose of my call is to find out who at your company I responsible for acquiring your office equipment.

Tips for working with the Gatekeeper Little or no authority but tremendous power. SMILE! . Asking for their help is a good scheme. Avoid them if necessary Be friendly but firm. Building rapport is critical Do not play games.

The Influencer (Masquerading as the Decision Maker) Similar to the Gatekeepers script Speak slowly Be precise Close for the appointment Overcome the objection Close for the appointment Get an appointment or get the information .

our products and services in hopes of being able to bid for your future business. Are mornings or afternoons usually better for you? . my company. my name is (_______) I am with (________) The purpose of my call is to set an appointment with the person who makes the decisions regarding your office equipment. IS THAT YOU? (wait for response) I d like the opportunity to introduce myself.Influencers Script Hello.

objections are natural Don t be defensive Work on a positive attitude Smile! Steps: Pause after the objection Listen carefully Ask questions Get clarification .Handling Objections Tips: Be relaxed.

The BIG 6 objections I m way too busy I m not interested We have no needs right now You d be wasting your time I already have one Send me some information .

my schedule is very tight too. Should I ll call you tomorrow or is the day after better? Are mornings or afternoons better for you? . should I call back this afternoon? I know how you feel.I m WAY too busy Have I called at a bad time? When would be a better time? I understand.

. I wouldn t expect you to be interested in something you knew little about. that s exactly why we need to meet! What exactly aren t you interested in? You owe it to yourself to see what we have to offer.I m not interested I understand how you feel.

We don t have any needs You may be right! However many of the people I meet with find the solutions we offer fill need they didn t even know existed! With the dawning of a new age of digital equipment the advances in productivity alone are worth investing 15 minutes of your time to see what we can offer you. .

If after 10 minutes you don t agree that we have something to talk about. Our products are designed especially to save you time . we ll shake hands and part friends. I wouldn t waste a minute of it.that s precisely why we need to meet. .You d be wasting your time I m glad you value your time.

That s exactly why we need to meet. then you know what kind of an impact they can have in your office. .I already have one Excellent. If your like most of the people I meet with they have no idea of the kinds of applications that are available with today s newer technology.

so what did you want me to send you? . what kind of equipment are you currently using? What information specifically were you interested in? Some people use that old stand by just to get off the phone. I know your not one of those.Send me some information Excellent idea! So that the information I send you will be of some value.

Tricks of the trade (Or Key phrases to answer objections) I can hold while you check. I m sure you get hundreds of calls just like mine I m just trying to earn the right to your future business. What specifically did you want Tell me more about that Are mornings or afternoons usually better for you? Oh. . just one more thing.

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