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Concepts and

Dimension of

According to Jerry Burger,

Personality is the consistent behavior
patterns and intrapersonal processes
originating within the individual.
Characteristics of Personality
1. Consistency
- The regularity of the action or behavior expressed by
an individual. That is, similar actions or pattern of behavior
on similar situation.
2. Impacts behavior and action
- Personality influences how an individual speaks and
acts. Thus, even thoughts and perceptions are affected by
3. Multiple Expressions
- Such personality is displayed through how individual
think,, speaks and acts. It is expressed by the way we feel
and on our social interactions.
Determinants of Personality
1. Biological
-This includes the qualities inherited by an individual from
the ancestors. It is the transmission of certain character,
temperament and the physical structure of an individual
2. Family and Social Factors
-The upbringing of the family to the individual which
significantly means the way the parents raise their child. Also,
the behavior of the property surrounding the child, the
environment in which they settled affects the child's personality
3. Situational Factors
-The demands of different situation may call for different
aspects of one's personality.
4. Cultural Factors
-Culture played a big role in molding the personality as
individual even in young age we thought what to believe and
what tradition and customs should they believe.
The 5 Dimensions of

O - Openness
C - Conscientiousness
E - Extraversion
A - Agreeableness
N - Neuroticism
1. Openness
Have a vast imagination and insight of an individual.
They are more likely to be creative and adventurous and
very open in learning things especially in the field of their
However, people who have low level openness of
personality tend to dislike change and on trying out new
things. They also dislike abstract and theoretical concepts.

2. Conscientiousness
Likely to be calm and compose. They think before
they act and consider how their words and actions affects
the entire situation and the people around them. They
allot time in preparing and pays attention on details.
However, people on low level conscientiousness
dislikes structure and schedule. They are not organize on
their things.
3. Extraversion
People in these dimension tends to be outgoing
and have a high emotional expressiveness. They like
being around with other people, and are very good in
socializing and always talkative.
However, people opposite of these are referred as
introverts. They are more reserve and likes solitude. They
hate being the center of the attention but likes staying

4. Agreeableness
Individual in these dimension are cooperative and
easy to make consensus with. They are empathic and
care for the welfare of the other people. They like to
spread affection and kindness.
However individual with low level of this trait are
competitive and manipulative. They care solely for their
welfare and likes to work alone.
5. Neuroticism
Individual having this trait is emotionally
unstable thus they experience mood swings,
anxiety and very prone to stress. They are
emotional and the struggle to bounce back
after stressful events. However, people low in
this trait tend to be emotionally stable,
composed, relax and knows how to manage
stress and struggles.
Personality is the
man’s identity and