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.€ Although individual navies have their codes for strength design. none of these rules of warship are as detailed or as freely available as merchant ship classification society rules.

most important loading exerted by the sea on the usually slender hull of a war ship is vertical bending of hull girder. € (this mostly refers frigates and corvette type) € By J. Clarke of ARE € The .D.

€ In . fracture. fatigue failure.alternating compression and tensile which must be limited. € Avoid buckling.

strength calculation should based on bending moment and shear forces € 1% probability of exceedance in the estimated life of ship € The areas in which the ship is expected to operate € Longitudinal .

€ Compression in deck rather than in the bottom that is critical arises from the fact that the bottom structure has to be heavier construction than deck. € Strength .of upper deck is usually the critical factor. € Meet hydrostatic loads.

€ Bottom compression loads from hogging bending moment better than deck. € . € Deck € compression loads from sagging bending moment.

form generally causes the sagging wave bending moment to be greater than the hogging moment. € Whilst slamming can add another component to the sagging bending moment. € Hull .

.€ Still WBM relatively small than wave BM. € In any choice marginally advantageous to design so that there is a hogging still water bending moment.

.€ Compressive strength of upper deck must evaluated as accurately as possible if minimum structural weight is to be achieved.

€ But in practice material reaches yield point and there is an interaction between buckling and yielding which depends on the standard of fabrication of structure with imperfections and ´as builtµ stress having a significant effect.STRUT equation is used for calculation of this sort in the elastic regime. € EULER .

important part. € Plays . € Possibility of severe damage to superstructure in action together with the possibility of it having to be modified during service life causes some prudent designer to ignore its contribution.

€ Particular € Great attention should paid to design of special strengthening at the end of superstructures to marry these into hull strength. .attention should paid € minimize vibration and stress concentration.

€ The number of decks and bulkheads prevents lateral strength being a problem.absence of large deck openings on warships as compared with merchant ships means that torsion rarely presents any difficulties. € Relative .

damage done by shock to machinery and equipment is more important than that done to the structure of a well designed ship.€ Underwater explosions can result in intense shock effects. but measures are nevertheless taken to improve the structural resistance to shock. which may induce whipping of hull structure. € The .

€ € . There is usually a requirement for resistance to air blast due to nuclear or other explosions. the design of connections in a manner that helps to ensure continuity of strength and stiffness and sometimes involve the fitting of additional tripping brackets. This affects the above water structure including the superstructure.€ These measures include the use of symmetrical rather than asymmetrical sections for stiffeners.

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