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What is the Service Sector

◼ The service sector produces intangible goods, more

precisely services instead of goods.
◼ It comprises various service industries including
warehousing and transportation services, information
sector services, health care and social assistance
services, and arts, entertainment, and recreation services.
◼ Countries with economies centered around the service
sector are considered more advanced than industrial or
agricultural economies.
BREAKING DOWN Service Sector

◼ The service sector, also known as the tertiary

sector, is the third tier in the three sector

◼ Instead of the product production, this sector

produces services like advice, experience and
BREAKING DOWN Service Sector
Global Outlook

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ,

following countries are the largest by service or tertiary
◼ United States: $14.76 billion
◼ China: $5.7 billion
◼ Japan: $3.5 billion
◼ Germany: $2.4 billion
◼ United Kingdom: $2.1 billion
◼ France: $1.9 billion
◼ Italy: $1.4 billion
◼ Brazil: $1.3 billion
◼ Canada: $1.1 billion
◼ India: $1.0 billion
Performance of Indian Service
Technology in the Service
Future Trends in Technology in
the Service Industry
◼ Indian IT services industry to grow 8-11% in
◼ BFSI, manufacturing, retail and consumer
packaged goods, telecom and media and
entertainment are the largest IT spending

Telecommunication Services

◼ Data usage expected to grow at 73% by 2022:


◼ India’s data consumption is expected to grow

at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR)
of about 73 per cent to 109,658,793 million
MB by 2022, according to a study by industry
body ASSOCHAM and PwC. This is on the
back of lower than ever data tariffs and
increasing smartphone penetration in the
Top Hotel Chains in the world
Key Players

◼ Different areas of Money management other

than Financial advisor ,Tax consultant,
Banker, Equity Analyst, Cash Manager,
Research Manager

◼ Financial Accountant

◼ Financial Business Analyst

Responsibilities Of Financial Analyst

◼ Make P&L every month

◼ Analyze monthly P&L on all aspects and record
trends on profitability, cash, inventory etc
◼ Financial Planning and Budgeting
◼ Facilitate Monthly Business Reviews along with the
◼ Feed the management/board with important
Responsibilities Of Financial
Analyst (Contd)
◼ Forecasting & related analysis (Variance analysis)

◼ Appraise & Critically review all new investment


◼ Review and consult line managers on areas of

improvement in cost, margin, profitability

◼ Act as a financial strategic consultant to the COO,

CFO and CEO.