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The logo was made like that because we

have decided to put up our different products

for the customers to easily know what our
products are. There was a knife and fork
which symbolizes that our product is truly
delicious and amazing.
Business Name

Corn Glacier
Corn Glacier
It was named corn glacier because our main
ingredient is corn. We come up with this name
because as we hear this, we thought of corn.
Glacier for it has an ice. But the business also sell
other additional products. The business name will
make the customers become curious that will push
them to try it. Our delicious products will make
the customers come again.
Day 1 100
Day 2 100
Day 3 100
Day 4 100
Day 5 100
Those pictures before this slide
were the examples of our business
products. Those are chicken skin with
the vinegar sauce, cheese stick, linga,
hotdog and shanghai.
Those pictures before this slide
were taken when we are selling our
products wherein the customers are the
different students of Bintawan
National High School. All of the
members help each other in selling the
products. Through the cooperation of
everyone, we were able to sell all of it
It changed our lives in terms of decision
making whether to pursue or not a new business
opportunity. This subject taught us to be more
determined and dedicated to accomplish a specific
task. We learned that to adequately perform the
task, the cooperation of every member is needed
We struggled thinking what to be our business
wherein we experienced having a hard time or conflicts in
interacting with the co-members. But then in order to solve
that problem, we asked each of the members about their
opinions. We have also experienced changing the planned
products because of the lack in financial assistance. Even
though these struggles tried to lose our hope, we did not give
up and gave our best.
We have also learned a lot of things. We have learned
that in starting a small business, you need to have the patience
in waiting for customers to come and buy. Our business is not
that popular in school that’s why we need to roam around to sell
our products. We can say that being new to business is not
that easy, new entrepreneurs usually are not well prepared for
the problems that may come on their way. The first thing we
should do is to understand that problems is part of a business,
so you should face each problem with determination and proper
These experienced helps us to pursue our studies in order
for us to be prepared in the near future.
Presented by:
Lyka Panal
Mark Jordan Olaya
Krizle Ann Ramiro
Mark Nicko Antonio
Jay-M Corea
Cristel Marie Apolonio

Presented to:
Ms. Janica Abelaine G. Peralta
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