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Sample Sales Deck:

Managed Services
Presentation (Meeting 1)

Scott Preszler, CEO of US-Analytics

1 Introduction

2 Offering Description

3 MS Overview
4 Team And Process

5 Case Study

6 Questions / Next Steps

7 Scoping Pricing
(For American Partners Understanding):
These are the 4 step process to get client
up and running with managed services

1. Meeting 1 – Introductions, Background and Needs Qualification. (This meeting)

2. Meeting 2 – Scoping Meeting ( MS team will meet and discuss level of effort, environment
understanding to define requirements, scope sizing and pricing to present back to client.
1. Apps Owned
2. Current reliability, issues, documentation, processes, sizing, timing
3. Task Review ( client vs. MS team)
4. Security
5. Future Considerations
6. Managed Services Packaged of interest, HPRO, HPRO plus, Bridge…..

3. Meeting 3 – Presentation / Pricing and Client Question Answered.

1. Upon contracts and pricing acceptance

4. Meeting 4 – Project Start with onboarding through ongoing efforts initiated

Who is American Partners
1. About the partnership with US-Analytics

2. Less sales material about US-Analytics is acceptable

“Focused and Committed”
US-based, Oracle EPM and BI focused for over 17 years with continuous business growth
• We are nimble and respond quickly to customer’s needs
• Over 500 clients and over 1,000 successful Hyperion engagements
• Seasoned business and technical acumen with EPM and BI initiatives
• Over 65 professionals with 12+ years each of Hyperion experience and certifications
• Active leaders in the Oracle community
• Founder Hyperion Women's Forum, Advisory board leadership, conference presentations,
webinars, EPM Speaker of the Year at Kaleidoscope in 2015 and 2014
• Corporate culture of integrity with 100% customer commitment
• Managed Services
• We have been providing Managed Services to clients for many years
• Managed Services team based in Dallas and Philippines each with 10+ years of
• Proven processes for all aspects of Managed Services (NPR rated)

Services Solutions

ABOUT US-ANALYTICS EPM: Planning & Forecasting

Process & Advisory

Infrastructure EPM: Financial Close & Consolidation

Implementations Business Intelligence
Upgrades & Migrations DRM: Master Data Management
Managed Services Big Data
Training Data Integration


– Original Oracle Hyperion and Pillar partner

– Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11
2015 Oracle TOLA – Oracle Hyperion Planning 11
2013, 2014, EPM Partner of – Oracle Essbase 11
2015 the year
– Oracle Data Relationship Management 11
What WE believe at US-ANALYTICS

CORE FOCUS In business to drive business transformation using leading experts, EPM and
business analytics tools, and proven best practices.

CORE VALUES 1. Quality: customer satisfaction that meets or exceeds client’s expectations.

2. Teamwork First: seeking what is best for the overall team (company,
client, and partners) first, being flexible, trusting and adding value.

3. Accountability: understanding your individual role, following through to

goal attainment, and assisting in success of the firm.

4. Innovative Solutions: offering forward-thinking answers to our clients’


5. Passionate Fun: recognizing success and celebrating it.

Market Reality and Validation Of Why Managed Offerings are so valuable

- WSJ – 2.7% headcount projected in most finance departments this year. Need to run the
same processes with less technology staff.

- EPM and BI - Mission Critical Systems, 24/7 requirements.

- Oracle/Hyperion Staff - Hard to find resources with the expertise and availability both
technical and functional.

- EPM and BI encompasses lot’s of technologies, tied hard to have all the skills and expertise
in one or two staff.

- Many solutions are now hybrid, on-premise and in the cloud, so remote teams make sense. (
especially high quality onshore teams)

- Managed Services is not only an option, but now a proven one.

What Makes American Partners /
US-Analytics’ Managed Services Better
1. Dedicated. US-Based Team (not part time, or single threaded). 24/7 team US
and in Philippines. Service Desk Manager will be assigned. Most staff on desk
can handle Level 1, Level 2, and some Level 3 tickets.

2. Tailored. Pick your level of HPRO and offering, then customized service ( by
product, by function, by team). On boarded, documented and scheduled.

3. Systemized Escalation Path Defined. When escalated to leverage full Oracle

Staff up to Oracle Aces and Oracle Support Desk.

4. Growing Practice. 2 new clients per month on average. Team continues to grow.

5. Tools and Training. All MS clients get full access to our tricks and tips.
Managed Services – Responsibility Tiers

3. Application and EPM

Process and Support -

• Scheduled and
unscheduled tasks in
place of an application
3. Application(s) and EPM Process Support administrator
• Provide troubleshooting
and resolution for
application issues
2. Infrastructure Support
• Processes - Support
Month End close etc.

1 . Hardware and Network Monitor

and Support (Hosted)
2. Infrastructure -
• Support tasks related to the
1. Hardware and Network – software and related maintenance
• Outsource hardware and network • Provide troubleshooting and
• Provider owns OS and related resolution for software and
performance issues, etc.
US-Analytics Managed Services Pillars

On Boarded Systems Management

Infra,App, Process Triage Reporting/

Monitoring Service Desk Client Communication
Administration Management

 Applications  Common Ops  User Account  Interface Issues  Managed

Helpdesk Management Reporting
 Transaction  Performance
Monitoring  Trouble Ticketing  Infra Admin  Parameters &
 Diagnostics frequency
 Log Monitoring  SOP based  App Admin
resolution  Tool Integration
 Problem
Identification Real Time
 Session  Archival/Backups
Monitoring  Ticket etc
Assignment  Escalation Path  Reporting
 Process Defined
 Master Data
Monitoring  Escalation Config  Periodic /
Management  Root Cause Quarterly Review
 Usage Patterns analysis
 Patch Mgmt
 End User  SLM
Interface  Problem
 System  Interface Mgmt
Performance resolution
 Production
 Availability Support
CASE STUDY Multi Product Global Organization
Customer Needs:
• Full Hyperion deployment with
multiple phases
• Large SAP ERP customer with all
Hyperion EPM footprint
• Support internal admins
• HPRO Support :
• Hourly managed services support
• HFM, FDM, Planning,
• Report findings / identify issues for
Essbase, DRM ( resolution
• Related to Hyperion platform
• Retail and Security • Both application and infrastructure
CASE STUDY Multi Product Global Organization

Customer Needs:
• Multi year global deployment of
Hyperion applications
• Strong internal administrative team
• People Soft and SAP ERPs with all
Hyperion EPM footprint
SERVICE Support :
• HPRO • Initial on site support then converted
to remote managed services
SOLUTION • Hourly managed services agreement
• Planning and Essbase • Support internal admins
• BIFS and OBIA (
Future :
• Evaluating Upgrade, DRM, FCM and ARM
• Manufacturing
and Retail
CASE STUDY Multi Product Global Organization
Customer Needs:
• HFM, Planning, FDMEE
• Application and infrastructure
• Turnover with admin driving need for
SERVICE Support:
• Annual Hourly • Hourly support contract
• Coordination points with app owners
• Planning, HFM,
• Manufacturing
and Distribution
CASE STUDY Multi Product Global Organization
Customer Needs:

• Recent HFM/FDM and Planning Applications deployed by 2 different consulting firms.

• Recent version upgrade

• Recent Departure of Application Admin

• Need to provide support for application and infrastructure activities for all applications
and infrastructure

Support, Scheduled:

• High ticket volume - large number of support tasks

• HPRO • Daily, Weekly, Monthly tasks

• Monthly data feed loads

• Infrastructure tasks (performance, log files)

Unscheduled Tickets
• HFM, FDM, Planning and
Essbase ( • Greater number of tickets for both application and infrastructure

• Related to Hyperion platform

• Retail