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 Set of instructions which control the

hardware resources

 Solve the problems of the user

 Logical part of the computer

Types of


System Application
System S/W
 Set of programs which manage the
 Computer components
 Application programs

 Examples:-
 Windows OS
 Linux
 Compiler etc.
Types of

System S/W

Language Device
OS Drivers
Application S/W

 Designed to satisfy a user’s needs

Package Customized

Categories of Computer
1. Mobile Computers
2. Desktop Computers
3. Mid range Server Computers
4. Main frame Computers
5. Super Computers
Mobile Computers
1. Fits on your lap or in your hand
2. Portable computer
3. Personal computer
4. Different types like Notebook comp. ,
Mobile Devices etc.
Desktop Computer
1. Are designed in a way that all its components
are fits on a desk

2. Also use as server

Midrange Server Computers
1. More powerful than desktop computer

2. More expensive than desktop

3.Support several hundred connected computers at

the same time.
4. Often use by small and medium size organization
Mainframe Computers
1. Large , expensive and very powerful comp.
2. Support thousands connected computer at the
same time.
3. Store large amount of data & instructions
4. Used in Banks, Universities, Airlines, Insurance
companies and Govt. Agencies (NADRA) etc.
Super Computers
1. Fastest and most powerful computers in the world

2. High capacity machine with thousands of


3. Used for weather forecasting, weapon designing

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