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Honda Navi

The Navi is a tiny bike which rides on chunky 12-

inch scooter tyres up front with 10-inch tyres at the
back. The Navi gets telescopic front forks and is
styled to look like a bike.
Brand:- Navi

Company:– Honda

Launched:– 2016 motor expo

Segment:– Cross over Mini Bike

Target market:-Both Men and Women, Youngster

Positioning:-Hybrid bike Mixing of Scooter and Bike

The Navi is the first model from Honda Motorcycle
& Scooter India to have been fully developed in
Honda navi is a mini bike looking more attractive
and it is good for those who like new adventure.

The competetion was almost negligible in the

market of these type of mini bikes. Also the bike is
available with attractive looks and various colors.
So, it was expected by the company that, this bike
will be liked by the Indians.
Honda navi features:

Displacement 109.2 cc
Maximum Power 8 HP @ 7000 rpm
Maximum Torque 8.96 NM @ 5500 rpm
Number of Cylinders 1
Number of Gears Automatic
Seat Height 765 mm
Ground Clearance 156 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.8 litres
Top Speed 81 kmph

At first sight, we may find that Honda has brought Navi

to the market with new design elements but when you
look closely at it, and then you will get an idea of ​this
bike’s overall design.

For example, the rear panel is not very effective. Honda has
given a huge exhaust to Navi, which stands it among the
other motorcycles. Also, its carbon fiber look makes it
different from other two wheeler that are present in the
Engine, mileage:
The Honda Navi engine is quite smooth and
vibration free just like Activa. Two people sitting on
this bike can easily enjoy riding.
The Navi offers an mileage up to 45 kilometers per
liter on new urban roads.
Ride and handling:
Honda Navi’s seat is quite comfortable. Its seat is
long and wide enough for two people. Talking about
the riding position of this scooter bike, it is full of
confidence in the city running, whether it is the bike
riding on the highway traffic. Its Pillon footrest has
been placed far enough which can cause some trouble
for the rider.
As we look from the storage perspective, then
there is less space under the seat and to keep
something in it.
There are no competitors for Honda navi.
1. Different Design
2. Reasonable Price
3. Easy manoeuvrability
4. Automatic transmission
5. Comfort in seating
6. Good reliability
7. Good road grip
8. Body is made by fibre
9. Light weight (101kg)
10. Different colors
11. Good mileage
1. Luggage Carrying Capacity
2. Restricted audience
3. Not an ideal vehicle for off-roading
4. Less fuel capacity
5. Vehicle tachometer is not available
6. Small height
7. Restricted customers
8. Not suitable for long driving
9. Tall people's can't ride easily
Honda Navi, has finally crossed the 1 lakh unit
sales. The Honda Navi was launched at the 2016
Auto Expo. It took the Navi two and half years to
cross the 1 lakh sales mark, since its launch
The shocking news for the Navi is that it registered
0 units in the month of December 2018. People
thought that Navi may soon be out of production as
the brand following has shifted more towards the
Cliq scooter in the affordable section
Reason for failure of Honda navi
1. Ad itself says that '"just for fun", so nobody
ready to spend that much of money for fun.
2. People confused whether it was bike or scooter.
3. There are restricted customers, Honda fails to
target the proper customers. It was targeted niche
4. Women couldn't use this type of scooters.
5. Bad design which was not liked by Indian
6. Company fails to make proper market research.
7. It was worth to buy a bike rather than navi on
that price.
8. Fails to fulfill the customer desires.
9. Failes to marketing the product, people had less
knowledge about the existence of that.
10. That awkard design itself creates a bad
impression on customer mindset.
11. Some health issues like back pain and etc
caused for tall people due to its small size.
12. Youths, mainly college students does not like
Honda navi. This creates a big loss ,because it was
specially targeted for them.
Honda navi in 2019:
Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India (HMSI) has
launched this year Navi with CBS (Combi-Braking
System). The new 2019 Honda Navi comes priced
at Rs 47,110, ex-showroom (Delhi).
Actually the model was discontinued earlier, It has
brought it back to the market with the new safety
This bike has many features that will attract the
consumer to buy but it’s too early to say that it will
success into the market or not.Earning from the big
respects from the customers will lead this bike to
reach new position. We are sure that this Brand has
the capability to create its own position and make
your own segment.At last, we must say that the Navi
brings a fresh breath in the overcrowded two
wheeler market.