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July 18-21, 2019

ManageBac Company Update

New Orleans

Stephen Worden
Regional Director - Americas
Atlas + ManageBac Highlights
Step-Change Increase in our Global Curriculum Capability

Number of Schools Number of Countries Number of Students Supported Academic Standards

10,000+ 130+ 3 mm+ 607

Number of Employees (FTEs) Number of Nationalities Number of Offices Group Companies

150 17 8 8
Integrated Planning, Learning & Teaching & Assessment
What differentiates a learning platform?
• Serving multiple Stakeholders within the school (Teachers,
Students, Administrators, Parents)
• High frequency of usage: daily or weekly usage by Stakeholders
• Central hub: to support teaching & learning, communications, and
school operations (attendance, reporting, etc.)
• Structured Repository: stores visible curriculum, assessments,
resources & coursework with curriculum meta-data.
• Mission-critical: inability to access causes significant disruption

Building the Written Curriculum

• The ‘written curriculum’ is the root of teaching & learning within
the school; however, it is hidden from view – use-case is one of
infrequent usage.
• External motivation for adoption may be upcoming accreditation
visit, leadership initiative, professional development, etc.
• Curriculum is unique to each school and anchors critical
organizational decisions.

Bringing you the World’s Standards
From over 45 countries and spanning curriculum and accreditation

607+ Sets of Standards 211 Sets of K-12 Standards ~10% Focus on Accreditation
Common Core, Next Generation Science California, New York, Ontario, Australia, etc. Manage accreditation & evaluation seamlessly
Standards, International Baccalaureate, ISTE, etc.

49% of Standards are Career or 28+ Years of Experience Updating and Adding New Standards
Subject Specific Across our standards team Everyday
Career Tech Education, National Core Arts, Social

Global Standards Coverage

Spanning curriculum and accreditation

Our Standards & Services Team

Helen Maltese Bernard Merkel

Standards & Services Manager Director of Client Services 5
2018 Year in Review
What’s New in the Redesigned ManageBac?
Spring 2019

ManageBac Enhanced PYP : First Look & Preview Collaborative, Real-Time Unit Planning Atlas and ManageBac Integration

MB Mobile Dashboard + Quick Add CurriculumTrak Acquisition

Career-related Programme Enhanced Text Editor and Messaging SMARTPREP Integration 7

Accounts Portal Single Sign-On
Manage your identity and seamlessly switch between accounts

 The Accounts Portal is built on OpenID and upgrades our

existing LaunchPad single-sign-on (SSO) service extending
the capability from web to mobile.

 Streamlined account linking of multiple user type accounts

in ManageBac (e.g. Administrator, Teacher & Parent) or
multi-campus school group accounts.

 Enhanced support for your school’s identity management


 Use Google Apps or Office 365 credentials to sign into


 Login using ManageBac credentials for Atlas, AssessPrep,

BridgeU, OpenApply, BookJetty, Subject Centre, and other
integration partners.

Enhanced Text Editor & Messaging
For Classes, Year Groups and Simple Groups in Tasks, Events, Deadlines & Messaging

 Enhanced Text Editor

works on web & mobile
Text Style







 Built-in Grammar and Spell-checking  Emojis on Messages, Tasks & Resources 9

Granular Teacher Permissions
For the School Directory, Attendance and Reporting > Proofing & Review

With enhanced Teacher Permissions, access to specific Curriculum Programme settings can be defined granularly together with access to the
School Directory and Reports Proofing & Review.
Service Learning Framework
Supporting Service Learning with a Build-your-Own Model

 Service Learning Framework enables schools to flexibly

design and build their own service learning programme -
ideally suited for schools looking to extend the model of
CAS or Service as Action to their entire school.

 Service Learning worksheets encompassing the aims &

goals, activity types, learning outcomes, reflections and
guidance can be fully customised.

 The Service Learning Framework supports the IB Career

Programme’s Service Learning, while building more
connections to subject classes.

 Integrated with portfolios and reporting to provide schools

with a seamless solution.

Project-Based Learning Framework
Supporting Project-Based Learning with a Build-your-Own Model

 Project-based Learning Framework enables schools to flexibly  PBL Framework supports the IB Career Programme’s Language Portfolio and Reflective
design and build subject-specific or year group level projects. Project, while providing teachers with an option to design unique projects from the ground up
within their class (e.g. History IA).
 Project worksheets encompassing the proposal, planning &
progress, assessment and journals can be fully customised.  Integrated with portfolios and reporting to provide schools with a seamless solution.

Re-designed Dashboards
Quick Add + Lite Menu

 Re-designed dashboards for Admins, teachers, and


 Switch left menu from Default to Compact for full

use of screen width on the web & tablet layouts

 Unit Calendar timeline view allows easy access to

units directly from the dashboard

 Universal Quick Add button allows teachers to add

units, tasks, messages, and files to any class with
one click

Google Docs Integration
Create, Assign, Annotate, and Mark Google Docs from ManageBac

1 Teachers can create Google

Doc templates and seamlessly 2 Students can complete and
submit their assigned Google 3 Once submitted, teachers can
mark Google Docs with grades 4 Submitted Google Docs are
automatically versioned and
assign to students – Doc directly within ManageBac. and annotations. saved into Portfolios.
supporting greater

Multi-lingual Parent Portal
Providing Parents with a Local Language Interface

Each parent can set individual language preferences, with support for:

Japanese Arabic Spanish Chinese French

2019 Product Roadmap
Atlas & ManageBac Integration
For Mutual Atlas & ManageBac Schools

 Allows mutual Atlas & ManageBac schools to collaboratively plan and

edit Atlas units directly within ManageBac classes with single-sign-on.

 No data migration is required and existing Atlas Courses & Subjects can
be easily mapped to your ManageBac classes in a day or less.

 With the integration enabled, Teachers will be able to seamlessly add,

browse, and edit Atlas Units directly within their ManageBac class.

 Teachers will be able to extend their Atlas units into the classroom with
assessment tasks & resources on the ManageBac stream.

Leading into the new academic year, we will be importing the full range of
Atlas curriculum into ManageBac encompassing 600+ curriculum
programs, academic and accreditation standards. This will provide
comprehensive curriculum support for our multi-curricula schools.

Enhancing Unit Planners
With a host of improvements to make your planning experience better!

Fonts & Icons Online Presence Real-Time Editing

more readable with visual cues to indicate when colleagues are online to allow for collaborative planning

In-Line Editing Reflections Connections

to improve context and ease-of-use to support meaningful reflection to align and link assessment tasks &
throughout the cycle learning experiences

customizable background headers to
reflect your unit

Collaborative Real-Time Unit Planning
With Online Presence and Real-Time In-Line Editing

 Real-time collaborative unit planning with online presence

 Improved at-a-glance planner layout and streamlined unit navigation
 Flexible unit template builder to support customization

Online Presence

Real-Time Editing


Redesigned from the ground up for the New PYP!

Key Improvements
 Real-time collaborative unit planning with
online presence
 Flexible unit builder to support customization
and fields
 Harmonized and fully responsive new UI
 Enhanced personalization & planner styling

Real-Time Flexible Unit Portfolio Classroom Gradebook Report Cards Reflections

Planner Builder Management


PYP Transition Schedule
For the Enhanced PYP for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

1. Enhanced PYP available on Demo Sandbox

W3 2. First Release for Enhanced PYP


W4 3. Legacy Assessment & Gradebook Migrations


TBC 4. PYP Legacy Units & Tasks Migration

5. Curriculum Component & Assessment Customization

W3 6. Import of Atlas 600+ Academic Standards into ManageBac

7. Portfolio, Term Grades and Standards-based Grading

Program of Inquiry
36+ Exemplar Units of Inquiry mapped to Common Core & Standards

Learning & Teaching
Inside and outside your classroom with Portfolio and Learning Experiences

 Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of student

progression with a showcase.
 Students and Teachers can easily add from Web or Mobile:

Goals Reflections Coursework

Observations Awards

 Build connections to:

Learner Profile ATL Skills Concepts

 Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with evidence and

link directly to the new IB’s Programme Standards & Practices.

Improve school-to-home
communication and parent
engagement with Advanced Share Send Emoji Star Comment
Options s


Flexible assessment options directly integrated with Reporting

Evaluate the:
Learner Profile

ATL Skills
Two Modes for Rubrics
and Criteria & Points
Units of Inquiry

Learning Outcomes

Easily assess specialist

subjects and include
student coursework.

Annotate & Assess Side-by-side


Reflect & Connect
Supporting Initial to Final Reflection and Building Connections

End-to-end Reflections
 Collaboratively reflect alongside the Planner
 Reflections include Guidance from PYP: from
principles into practice
 Flexibly customize and map your Reflections &
Guidance by Unit Section

Building Connections
 Easily tag with ATL Skills, Learner Profile and Key

New IB Programme Standards & Practices

As the delivery partner for the new IB Concierge (replacing IB Docs), we are delighted to provide drag’n’drop evidence submission
from ManageBac to make your next authorization & evaluation process smooth.
With the upcoming release of the new Standards & Practices, you will be able to tag Portfolio items, Reflections, Learning
Experiences and Assessment Tasks to specific PS&P requirements, making the process of organizing evidence efficient for every


Student Portfolios
Supporting learning & teaching for your whole-school

Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of

student progression across the full IB Continuum
IB Continuum + Multi-Curricula  Enhanced Search & Filters
 Multi-add provides a way to easily add one observation into
multiple student portfolios at once

Students and Teachers can easily add from Web and

Goals Reflections Observations

Coursework Awards

For the IB DP, students can set target grades vs.

predicted grades.

Build connections to:

Improve school-to-home
communication and parent engagement Learner Profile ATL Skills Key Concepts
Advanced Options
Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with
evidence and link directly to the new IB’s Programme
Share Send Emoji Star Comment Standards & Practices.
26 26
ManageBac Mobile
With broad curriculum support for your entire school community.
Redesigned from the
ground up with full
 Classroom Management
 Service Learning (CAS, SA)
 Project-based Learning (EE,
Personal Project)
 Portfolio
 Curriculum Planners
 Gradebook
 Reporting
Sharing on Airdrop
Easily submit Coursework, post
Reflections and update Project
journals on the go!

Available on
Supported User Type

Student Teachers Coordinators Parent

Redesigning the Assessment & Gradebook Split-Screen
Aligning grading with IB Assessment Criteria and adding many new options

Facilitated Grading
Teachers can use our new Grade by:
Split-Screen Grading to better
and more efficiently grade any  Rubric
type of work, especially when  Criteria/points
working within the IB
 Assessment Criteria
Assessment Framework. Add
notes, grades, highlights and  Written Feedback
more when selecting and
grading from the list of
assessment types below:

The New Parent Dashboard
Adding a suite of features for parents

 Check attendance
 Check academic progress
 Monitor assignment completion &
curriculum progression
 See classes
 Browse archives of all recorded data

Curriculum & Assessment

Global Search
Easily and Efficiently Search across ManageBac

Global search will allow users to easily and efficiently find what you are looking for across ManageBac
CAS, SA & Service Learning Classes Groups Files
Assessment Tasks, Deadlines, Year Groups Messages Units
Project Proposals for TOK, EE and
Product Roadmap
Product Development pipeline and priority of new feature development

Review and Updates

Our Product Roadmap is
updated on a monthly basis with
released items moved to
Complete and newly planned
features added.

Priority of Features
Features are prioritized in our
development against the
academic calendar based on
curriculum changes and for the
greater good of schools. This
determination is made based on
the number of schools that will
benefit from the development
and the impact (e.g. enhanced
functionality, time savings and
improved UX).

Browse our Product Roadmap at:

First Login & QuickStart
First-Login Experience & Self-service Support

First-Login Tours What’s New

 Interactive tutorials for new users  Integrated stream of new features and release
 Assisted onboarding of Students, Parents & Teachers
 Subscription for notifications

Quick-start Guides
 Guided User & Account Setup
 Menu & UI navigational
New Academic Year & Global Support
Onboarding new users and preparing for the new academic year!

New Academic Year Checklist Social Support

 Checklist for transitioning to the New Academic Year  Community focused support channels
 Best-practice tips for Administrators on data management  Submit requests via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Coming Soon:

Redesigned Support Centre Ambassador Programme

 Improved layout for quicker self-service & search  Exclusive Support Services
 Centralised access to Events, Tutorials, Videos & Status  Fostering Community connections
pages 33
Certificate Programme
Professional development opportunities for experienced ManageBac

ManageBac Educator
Who is eligible?
Programme Coordinators
Our certification programme, launched in 2018, Technology Coordinators
aims to provide a series of training courses
empowering educators on how to make the
most of ManageBac.
What’s required?
The courses are programme-specific, targeted
at IB Diploma, Middle Years and Primary Years Has finished a training
administrators. Educator course
Experienced user
Participants who complete one course will be
certified as ManageBac Educators.
Attendees will receive in-depth training on ManageBac,
Share your experiences, connect with other including:
 ManageBac Educator certification
users, and access exclusive content and event
 Instructions on configuring ManageBac account setup
 Best practices for managing classes
 Workshops on building & changing report templates
 First look at and training on all new and upcoming releases in
 Networking opportunities with coordinators at other ManageBac
Learn more about our Certificate Programme at: schools
PYP Next Workshops & Webinars
Professional development opportunities and comprehensive trainings

Regional Workshops Online Webinars

We will be hosting numerous opportunities for face-to-face training A series of online webinars will begin in August and continue until
during August-November 2019. PYP Next on ManageBac the end of 2019. Beginning with higher level overviews of PYP
workshops will be held in IBA, EMEA and APAC regions, taking Next changes, the series will then dive further in depth, covering
place in more than 10 countries and across 5 continents. unit planning, assessment and general navigation of the new UI.

Who is eligible? What’s required? Who is eligible? What’s required?

PYP Coordinators Admin level user PYP Coordinators An internet connection
Technology Directors $99 USD Registration fee PYP Teachers FREE REGISTRATION

Portland Chicago Medellin

16 Aug 2019 20 Sept 2019 9 Oct 2019

Register for PYP Workshops & Webinars via
Partners & Integrations
AssessPrep Integration
Next Generation assessment platform for the IB MYP & DP

 Transition your paper-based exams online for DP & MYP

 Faster, more reliable and natural vs. handwriting
 Plan and manage your mock exams effortlessly with ManageBac Plan
worksheet integration
 Offline exams delivery, powerful analytics, and built-in syllabus topics
 Instant setup with automated account creation and Single-Sign-On with
ManageBac Accounts portal

Question types:
1. Long answer 3. Plot a graph
2. Table completion 4. Multiple-choice

5. Auto-corrected Interactive Questions

a. Label d. Order/Sort
b. Hotspot e. Classify
c. Match f. Geogebra Graphing

Exam Content Types:

Videos with Annotations Text Simulations
(flash, HTML5)
Images with measuring
(direct upload or YouTube URL)

SmartPrep Online Flash Cards
Seamlessly integrated into ManageBac for Students & Teachers

Power your learning with the SMARTPREP IB