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What is Animatronics?
• Animatronics is a cross between animation and electronics.
• Basically, an animatronics is a mechanized puppet.It may be
preprogramed or remotely controlled.
The History of Animatronics
Advanced mechanical clocks were built in Europe which featured
animated characters.
The 3rd and 5th century BC, Chinese inventors had designed artificial
wooden birds (ma yuan) that could fly and water clocks which featured
mechanical figurines which chimed the hours throughout the day.
The father of medieval architecture, Leonardo da Vinci designed and
built the Automata Lion, one of the earliest described animations in
Popularization of Animatronics
Animatronics became poplar after their appearance in the movies like,
Purpose of Animatronics
• To attract attention of the mass public for advertisement and display
• For making films of bizarre and extinct animals like dinosaurs and
monsters in horror movies.
• To replace live animals in films by animatronics to reduce the risk of
getting hurt in some action sequences.
• Some toys are created using animatronic methodology, which are life
like and are programmed to respond like a real living animal.
Steps involved in designing an Animatronic
1. Designing the overall structure
2. Internal frame or skeleton
3. Exterior or skin (silicone, latex, polyurethane)
4. Assembly
Testing can be done either by a puppeteer, as shown on the figure to the
left, or by using a microprocessor, that can be programmed to do the
required actions in precise timing without any human interventions.
Making a new revolution in the field of Animatronics
• The main purpose of animatronic is for display and films for grabbing
the attention of the audience. But in some places, life like animatronics
of former Presidents and great Scientists are used along with speech
synthesizers to make us relive their histories.
• They can also be used for creating artificial limbs that are controlled
by microcontrollers, which requires a significant advancement and
contribution in the field of ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) and
CNS Processor’s.
• Bus interfaces.
• One of the biggest ideas of the century involving animatronics is that
to create an entire zoology of diverse animals and birds with their
corresponding realistic behaviour and instinct.
• This creates an artificial zoo, which does not imprison wildlife and it
is also relatively easy for maintenance and putting up a show as the
management desires.
• This methodology requires careful planning of the design and
implementation of the animatronic models.
• Which also includes the imprinting of the particular animal’s
behaviour to be natural and realistic up to the viewer’s expectations.
• This can be possibly achieved by AI technology.
• Animatronics cold also be employed in the field of ichthyology, in
which an artificial fish is designed that is visually similar to the fish
under study.
• Using underwater propellers and thrusters or a flexible body and tail
lined with servomotors, this artificial fish could easily mingle with the
corresponding species and attaching a small camera inside of it will
• the researchers to study and understand the behavior of fish
• Animatronics could be employed in the field of medicine to simulate
real time surgeries on live, real-life like patients.
• Animatronics could be employed in the field of surveillance by
creating an animatronic animal, which could be equipped with camera
or sensor eyes for monitoring certain hotspots.
• By combing the recent developments in the field of 3D printing and
Artificial intelligence, one day we will be literally able to
• Bring the people of the past be life and even animals could one day
roam the earth.