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A frightening dream often brought on by

staying too late, eating heavy meal close to

bedtime or overexcitement, seeing terrifying
movie or hearing a frightening bedtime story.

It usually come toward morning and is

vividly recalled.
A child who experiences this awakens
abruptly from a deep sleep in a state of panic.
The child may scream and sit up in bed, breathing
rapidly and starring. Yet he is not really awake,
quiets down quickly, and the next morning
remembers nothing about the episode.

Unlike nightmares, sleep terrors tend to

occur within an hour after falling sleep.
Night terrors, also referred to as Sleep Terrors
Disorder or Pavor nocturnus, is an emotional sleep
disorder characterized by episodes of fear, flailing, and
screaming while asleep, and is often paired with
sleepwalking. Although not proven, it is believed night
terrors are caused by fever, lack of sleep, lights or noise,
and/or emotional stress, tension, or conflict. They have
also been commonly misdiagnosed as nightmares;
despite both being categorized as a parasomnia the
two are in fact very different .
Enuresis or repeated urination in clothing
or in bed is common specially at night to most
children ages 3-5.

Enuresis is contributed to the following

factors :
Slow motor maturation
Poor behavioral control