The 275 crore. Dubai and Bangladesh and a manufacturing base in U. has made Rasna.000 in-direct retailers. Rasna also has offices in USA. India. Apart from an extensive network in India. .INTRODUCTION The company was incorporated in 1992 and is based in Ahmedabad. into one of the most recognized brands in India. 00. 4. Rasna has 6 regional offices and a strong distribution network including.A. It has 24 warehouses and 2000 stockiests across the country. 00. Ahmedabad based company.E and exports to more than 40 countries across the world.000 direct retailers and 7.

OBJECTIVE  Segmentation Targeting Positioning   .

LIMITATION  Lack of inventory management Lack of time  Change in demand with the fluctuation in weather  .

.MARKET DIMENSIONS Rasna Pvt. Rasna has divided the market into two dimensions. One dimension is the MODERN TRADE and other dimension is the SECONDARY MARKET. as one of the fmcg company in India has its own way of doing the business. Ltd.

In order to generate sales. TSM recruits TI (Territory In-charge) who is given the responsibility of any of the one territory which comes under his TSM. . Now the question arises that after getting the order from different shops how they will fulfil their demands.WORKING PROCEDURE Rasna identifies the key territory of business in a city. The TI after getting the order approaches the stockiest and informs the stockiest about the order and the stockiest thereby fulfils the orders. who are given the responsibility of that key territory and may be more than one key territory and given the target in order to generate sales for Rasna. The job of the TI is to visit the shops which come under the territory assign to that TI and get the orders from those shops. After identifying the key territory they recruit TSM (Territory Sales Manager). So both the TSM and TI appoint a stockiest.

. sells the goods to the retail shops.STOCKIEST Stockiest is an intermediary or third person who purchases the goods from the depot of the company and with the help of the company representative such as TSM or TI. wholesaler or retail outlets.

TYPES OF STOCKIEST Super Sub Stockiest Stockiest .

RESPONSIBILITIES OF TRAINING IN-CHARGE(TI)  Preparing daily sales report Preparing closing stock  .

HANDLING SALES IN REGIONAL TERRITORY WEEK 1 & WEEK 3 DAYS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ROUTE Uppal Mallapur Lalapet Shitafalmandi AS Rao Nagar Malkajgiri .

WEEK 2 & WEEK 4 DAYS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ROUTE Nacharam Neredmet Sainikpuri Tarnaka Habsiguda Moula Ali .

4 57763.65 44471.85 46236.54 39031.48 .SALES IN DIFFERENT ROUTES Adopting the sales pattern of the Rasna. the following sales was generated in terms of Rupees from the period 18th March 2010 to 31st May 2010 from the 12 different routes. ROUTES AS RAONAGAR HABSIGUDA LALAPET MALKAJGIRI MALLAPUR MOULA ALI AMOUNT OF SALES 50387.93 49521.

95 34786.79 39809.07 76940.16 35099.ROUTES NACHARAM NEREDMET SAINIKPURI SHITAFALMANDI TARNAKA UPPAL SALES 49206.12 .23 45532.

12 6% Tarnaka 76940.79 9% Moula Ali 49521.16 7% Nacharam 49206.95 13% As Rao Nagar 50387.85 10% Lalapet 46236.23 6% Neredmet 39809.4 9% Habsiguda 57763.48 9% Malkajgiri 39031.ANALYSIS OF SALES Route Wise Sales Uppal 34786.07 8% Sainikpuri 35099.54 8% Shitafalmandi 45532.65 7% Mallapur 44471.93 8% .


STRENGTH Different Varieties  Rasna at low Price  WEAKNESS Unsolved DGR  Unavailability of stocks at depot  .

OPPORTUNITY Launch of new product  More Routes  THREATS  Competition  Loss of Stockiest .

I came to conclude that how Rasna divides the work among their employees and how the sales target is set for them.CONCLUSION With the end of SIP at Rasna. Through this project I came to conclude that how Rasna does its business through the distribution channel. in order to get the sales generated. I arrive at the conclusion that Rasna as one of the fmcg companies has its own way of doing the business as compare to other fmcg companies. . Doing training at Rasna was an challenging task because as Rasna is a seasonal product and the demand for the product prevails during the summer only. Through this project I came to learn that how to generate the sales of seasonal product and how to liquidate old stocks. so the employees of Rasna have to work very hard for 4 months that is from February to May.

should make the settlement of the damage goods in time. The representative of the company such as TSM and TI should prepare the DGR in time and thereby. . There should be enough stock in the depot so that there is no scarcity of stock and as a result the stockiest gets the required stock when demanded.RECOMMENDATION Retailer margin should be increased in order to encourage the retailers to keep the stock of Rasna in large volume and sell that stock.

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