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The Skull
The brain is the control
center of the body. It makes sure
that all parts of the body
are working together efficiently. It consists of nerve
cells. The Skull forms
a hard case that protects the brain. The bones that
make up the upper part
of the skull have fixed joints so they cannot move.
The brain is a very
delicate organ so it is important that the bones
protecting it are always in place. If the bones move,
the brain might be damaged.
Two Large sockets
at the front of the skull
protect the eyeballs. Like
the brain, the eyes are
delicate organs which need
The Backbone
-The backbone
or spinal column
consists of separate
bones called vertebrae
that are stacked
one on top of another to
form a tube, which
contain the spinal cord.
The Spinal Cord
consists of nerve
cells and fibers. It connects the brain to the
different parts of the body. Like the brain, the
spinal cord is very delicate. An injury to the
spinal cord will cause paralysis to a person. The
backbone protects the spinal cord from harm.
Since the vertebrae are joined by gliding joints,
the movements of the bones are limited to
sliding, turning or
The Hipbone
-The hipbone is
attached to the lower part
of the backbone.
It forms a basin like structure called the
pelvis, which supports the upper part of
the body and protects the lower organs
such as the intestines and urinary
The Ribs Bone
-The 12 pairs of
Ribs together
with the breastbone form a cage like
structure called the chest cavity. Inside
the chest cavity are the heart and
the lungs, which
are delicate organs.