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• Newspaper headline
• Turn court debate
• Spell bee
• Photo booth
Newspaper headline
• Participants need to weave a funny story around a newspaper
headline presented to them, based on their creativity.
• The most creative and funny will be adjudged as the winner.
1. The world limit of the story shall be around 80-100 words.
2. Time limit: 30 mins
3. Participants have to choose a headline from the three
headline options presented to them
Turncoat debate
• This event will simulate a court hearing.
• Participants will have to analyze a problem and present an
• Suspense: After 3 mins, participants have to switch their side and
speak in favor of the opposite side.
Spell bee
A word spell event that will be held in two rounds:
Preliminary round:
Batch of ten people will be called and three will be shortlisted from every
1. Five spelling questions shall be asked.
2. Two easy, two medium, one hard.
Spell bee
• Final Round:
All the shortlisted candidates will be participating in this round and top three will be
1. Wordsworth
2. Reverse Spell
3. One word for many
Photo booth
• A theme for the event will be declared by Les Amis
• Participants have to send innovative videos and images centered around
the theme.
• Les Amis will share the received video or photo via Facebook page
• Winner: Team with the maximum number of likes and shares
• Objective: Enhanced publicity to the event as participant acts as the