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Authors and
works of the
National Artist
• He was born on September
6, 1916.
• In Manila West High School,
he took his writing seriously
and became a staff member
of the Torres Torch, their
school paper.
• Entered University of the
Philippines as a pre-medicine
• The Mats
• He was born on 8
September 1915.
• Conferred as
the National Artist of
the Philippines for
Literature in 1997.
• attended college
at National
University (Manila) but
he was unable to finish
his undergraduate
• Bread of Salt
• Was born on August 5, 1908,
in Manila's Singalong district.
• Enrolled on a Pre-Medical
course in the University of the
Philippines, but then switched
to Pre-Law course. However,
he realized that his true
passion was in the arts.
• Known as the comma poet.
• Footnote to Youth
• He was born on 14
January 1898.
• He studied at the
Camiling Central
Elementary School
during his basic
• a Filipino diplomat,
statesman, soldier,
journalist and
• I am a Filipino
• Refrained from revealing
his date of birth because
he disliked the fuss of
people coming over and
celebrating his birthday.
• Attended Paco
Elementary School and
went to Mapa High
School for secondary
• At age 17, he published
his first English poem
about Don Quixote
• Summer Solstice
• He was born 3 December
• Started writing in grade
school, at the time he
started reading. In the
fifth grade.
• Attended the University of
Santo Tomas after World
War II.
• My Brother, My
• He was born on born
March 9, 1944.
• Sought his education at
the City of Manila and
completed his degree in
A.B. Political Science at
the University of the
Philippines Diliman.
• Pen name Rio Alma.
• Ang Makata sa Panahon ng
• Born on 13 July 1924.
• He served as Secretary of
Education during the term
of Philippine President
Diosdado Macapagal.
• attended elementary and
high school at the Ateneo
de Manila University.
• My Brothers Peculiar
• Was born in Lipa on April 11,
• Received his Litt.B. and M.A.
degrees from the University of
Santo Tomas in 1950, and
then his Ph.D. in Comparative
Literature from Indiana
University in 1968.
• He is a National Artist of the
Philippines and a recipient of
the Ramon Magsaysay
Award for Journalism.
• A Eulogy of Roaches